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Autumn Lawn Care

At this time of year, your lawn has made it through the challenges of Summer and needs to be prepared for what Winter has in store for it.

We'll 'green-up' your lawn for the Autumn and toughen it up, ready for the Winter ahead.

With our Autumn Lawn Care you'll get to:

  • Enjoy a great Autumn lawn ‘green-up’
  • Protect your lawn for the cold months ahead
  • Get a lush looking lawn in less than two weeks "and yes you’ve guessed it" without any effort on your part!

Your lawn this season is probably looking:

Autumn Lawn Care
  • Mossy
  • Weedy
  • Weak

That’s exactly what we will tackle with our Autumn Lawn care.

Our Autumn Lawn Care Service

It’s part of the All Year Round Lawn Care package we offer at Greenfeet. We’ll tackle problems with your lawn, brighten it up for Autumn and get it Winter ready.

Here’s what our Greenfeet experts will do:

  • Assess your lawn and its needs for the season
  • Put down our specially designed Autumn feed for your grass - a balanced feed high in potassium reserves. It’s a slow release feed with a percentage of quick release to green up your lawn.
  • Identify weeds in your lawn. Autumn is a time for unwanted weeds to germinate so it’s best to tackle them now. These may have grown over the Summer
  • We will spot spray for the specific weed types in your lawn, giving you a healthy weed-free lawn which you’ll especially appreciate in the Spring

If we identify a moss problem in your lawn we can recommend our moss removal and moss treatment programme.

We always say a healthy grass is the best defence against moss. When you get the fundamentals right through regular lawn care you’ll enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

Your Autumn and other seasonal lawn care will help keep your grass in top condition.

Our very own Autumn Lawn Care Feed

Over the years, Greenfeet has developed its own Autumn Lawn Feed which is tailored for the particular conditions of the Irish climate, soil and season.

It’s not something you can just pick up in the shops. It’s exclusive to Greenfeet. All the feeds are environmentally friendly and are a treat for your lawn

So green up your Autumn lawn for Winter. Contact us now by email or give us a ring using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778. We’re here and waiting to get and keep your lawn looking great.