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Three of our Latest New Lawn Installation throughout the country…before and after photos


First Lawn up… Lawn Number Two… And last up…

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Lawn Care Tips from Greenfeet and our Summer Newsletter

Lawn Care Tip from Greenfee Lawncare

MOSS Problems – Causes Shaded areas – large trees and plants hanging over the lawn blocking natural Leaving debris / leaves on the grass for months Compacted soils or heavy wear areas Water logged – poor drainage Bad cutting practice – cutting with blunt blades, not cutting regular Neglect of the lawn – no feeding […]

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Husqvarna Ireland award Greenfeet Lawncare with an outstanding performance Automower® sales award…well done to the team and all involved…

Greenfeet LawncareTop Automower Specialist

Greenfeet Lawncare Top Automower® Specialist

Lawn Services, Lawn Treatment

Top quality roll out grass available from Greenfeet Dublin!!

Roll out grass dublin

Ever looked out of window and thought that your brown garden floor is more brownish than green and beyond redemption? The very thought of a new lawn can give you stress and sleepless nights but not necessarily. Greenfeet is the top provider of quality turf in Dublin so that you can be the proud owner […]

Robot Lawn Mowers

High quality Husqvarna Robot Automowers available at Greenfeet Dublin!

robot lawn mower

For that perfectly manicured emerald lawn that will be the pride of your home, it is important to have the gadget. Often, in a hurry, it’s easy to ignore the one thing that will maintain the health of your grass and care for it – the lawn mower. Greenfeet Lawn Care Dublin understands the importance […]

Automowers, Husqvarna

Husqvarna Automower in Limerick for sale, installation, servicing

Husqvarna Limerick

Greenfeet comes to Limerick with a range of top-notch auto mowers that will make lawn maintenance seem like a dream. No more tugging on your old mower, struggling to make it work in the right direction, sweating on a job that should be simple. At Greenfeet, we offer the Husqvarna range of robotic lawn mowers […]

Automowers, Husqvarna

Greenfeet’s Husqvarna magic for Limerick lawns – get a free consultation now!

Robotic Mowers in Limerick

This is the perfect time to turn your home into a have, as we spend more and more days within the safety and security of our homes. Rather than spending your time within four walls, it’s a good break to take your work or fun out into the yard. There’s no bigger appeal that a […]

Spring Lawn Care

Aeration & Preparing your Lawn for Spring…

Aeration & Preparing your Lawn for Sprig

Never underestimate how important aeration is for your lawn. You can manually undertake aeration activity yourself by poking thousands of holes into your lawn with a pitch fork and this will then ensure the soil is getting plenty of air. However, aeration is mainly done with an aerator machine. Check out Anthony talking about Aeration […]

Lawn Treatment

Lawncare in Waterford: Greenfeet experts will give you customised solutions

Husqvarna Limerick

Working from home is the new lifestyle. On sunny days you wish you could sit outside with your laptop, in your garden, taking in the sight and aroma of a green lawn. We can make this happen, and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. Let the team of experts at Greenfeet office […]

Lawn Services

Lawn Care Kilkenny and Why Greenfeet Lawncare

Lawn Care Kilkenny

This holiday season in Kilkenny, leave behind your worries and all the stress, and relax with your family and friends. Outdoor is the best way to celebrate, at safe distances, and a lush green lawn will definitely add cheer. Don’t let lawn care bog you down either. We at Greenfeet Lawncare are specialists in delivering […]