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Lawn Treatment

Brown Spots on your Lawn – has your lawn Fusarium Patches?

Brown Spots

Brown Spots – How to recognise Fusarium Patches One of the key reasons for brown spots on your lawn may well be Fusarium disease which is typically seen during the Autumn and Winter months. The Fusarium patch is caused by the fungus  Microdochium Nivale.   Fusarium Patch disease thins out your lawn. It looks like a white mould […]

Lawn Treatment

Bald Lawn – Does your lawn horrify you?

Bald Lawn

Bald Lawn Patch Horror   Bald Lawn???? Does your garden look like a scene from a horror film?  Is your lawn haunted by bald patches? Nothing grows. Your lawn is just dead. It’s that time of year when according to legend the un-dead emerge out of the bowels of the ground.   ‘Under the moonlight […]

Lawn Maintenance

Autumn Lawn Maintenance Tips

Autumn Lawn Maintenance

Follow these Greenfeet tips for your autumn lawn maintenance. The Irish summer has gone and the hard winter hasn’t started.  It’s a great time to take some critical actions which will reap the rewards for you in a better lawn in spring. The key is being consistent with these actions.   Autumn Lawn Maintenance: Clear […]

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Edging Best Ways to Trim Lawn Edges

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging – Tidying up your lawn edges will give a lovely finish to your lawn and emphasise all the hard work you have been put in.  Or if you haven’t been doing much (ahem!) and you’ve been letting your lawn slide, trimming around the edges will improve the look. It may even give you […]