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Be there…..The RDS for the Ideal Home Show – 27th to the 30th of October…….Free Tickets…

If you desire an Ideal Home….well, you must consider Greenfeet Lawn Care!!!  And this is the very reason Greenfeet Lawn Care are associated with the Ideal Home Show in the RDS from the 27th of October till the 30th – and right now they have Free Tickets for everybody who registers online, see this link. […]

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Top Factors you should consider when sourcing a Lawn Care Service Company

Lawncare Cork

Lawn Care Service – With the wide range of lawn care service providers out there, hiring a reliable one for your home or building can be very challenging and therefore, needs to be done carefully. To hire any services, not only lawn care services, it is important you:   Conduct series of research both offline […]

Lawn Services

Lawn Service – Why you Should Hire Lawn Service Experts…………….

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Lawn Service – A well-manicured, verdant landscape can mean different things to different people. While it can be a sign of prestige to so    me, others see it as something that brings them pleasure. Perhaps you have a lawn but don’t have the time to invest in it to transform it to your desired landscape; […]


11 Year Old ‘Lawn Care Kid’ Ignores the Most Powerful Man in the World!!!

Lawn Care Kid

Fair Play to young Frank (who’s Mother is Irish!!!), who wrote at the age of ten requesting if he could mow the White House Lawn.  And fair play to Donald Trump, he took him up on the offer.  Free of-course!!   Maybe he failed to recognise the big man himself in person, but he ignored […]