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Greenfeet Lawn Care at the Ideal Homes 2017……Some Photos

The Greenfeet Logo at Ideal Homes 2017

Big Thank you to all our clients and prospective clients who visited our stand at the Ideal Homes event in the RDS over the Bank Holiday weekend.  And well done to the team, especially Tom who managed to fit in the Dublin Marathon on Sunday!!!  Well done Tom. Check out a few photos that some […]

General Lawn Care

Storm Ophelia – The Best Photos according to the Greenfeet Team!!

The biggest storm since Charlie hit Ireland this month, caused severe damage throughout the country, to infrastructure and the landscape.  We select our top top photos from Storm Ophelia… goes…..                          

Lawn Maintenance

When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland

Lawncare Funnies

When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland – If you want your lawn to be lush and have a brilliant green color, considering that the climate in Ireland is rather wet, you need to be careful about its fertilization. Every living organism, including grass, needs nutrients in order to grow healthy. In Ireland, where the […]

Lawn Maintenance

How to Choose the Best Type of Lawn Seed

Lawncare Funnies

Lawn Seed – A perfect lawn is the dream of every house owner, but achieving such a goal may turn out to be trickier than it may seem. If you have a relatively small lawn, it is always best to grow it from seeds rather than rolled out lawn.  But, believe it or not, choosing […]