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Autumn Grass Care: Why and When to Mow

Autumn Grass Care

Autumn Grass Care – Autumn is coming on and it’s time to raise the height of the blade on your mower.  Consider these Autumn mowing tips. You’ll be looking for your grass to be a height of 3cm.  To achieve that you need to raise the blade about 1cm above the summer mowing setting.


Autumn Grass Care: Autumn Benefits of Raising the Mowing Height

Grass grows more slowly in the cooler months. The growing spurt in the Summer hot weather had you mowing up to twice a week.  Well you can cool your heels now and mow once a week

We’ve discussed before summer mowing.  In the Autumn you are looking for more height. This will encourage stronger root growth which is needed to prevent drying out of the grass, weed growth and in particular is needed to stop the moss sneaking into your lawn.


Autumn Grass Care: Can I Stop Mowing Now?

Well. No. Is the short answer.  The grass will definitely keep growing but just at a slower pace. You still need to cut regularly. As Autumn gives way and Winter sets in that may go down to mowing every three to four weeks.


Autumn Grass Care: When to Mow

Be sure to mow when it’s dry, because the weight of the mower and your own stamping on the ground can compact the grass and lead to low growth.  The same advice goes for frost.  Don’t try to mow frosty grass.  We know it seems obvious, but we know people who have done so.  Mowing on soft ground (usually soft from moisture) also runs the risk of cutting too low. When you ‘scalp’ the grass you run the risk of allowing in the moss.  If you already have moss on your lawn then click here for steps to follow to get rid of moss.


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Autumn Grass Care