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Our Three Favourite Bloom Gardens 2016

Bloom Gardens

We wanted to share our three favourite Bloom gardens at Bloom in the Park. With so many inspiring plants and 23 show gardens, Bloom in the Park was a feast for the eye this year.

We slipped away from the busy Greenfeet Lawncare stand and got to enjoy some of the gardens on show. Here are three gardens that caught our eye.



Bloom Gardens – ‘UCD Evolution of Land Plants Garden’

At Greenfeet Lawn Care we spend quite a bit of time banishing moss from your lawn. It’s an ancient plant we admire  and it was fantastic to see where it fits into the evolution of plant life.
The UCD garden, a gold medal winner for its concept, demonstrates the evolution of plants over 500 years and how they moved from water to land so that the land became habitable for humans.

Bloom Garden
Bloom Garden ‘UCD Evolution of Land Plants Garden’

It’s completely fascinating to walk through the five stages of the garden, beginning with algae that moved out of freshwater, followed later by mosses and ferns, and finally flowering plants.

Bloom Garden UCD Evolution of Land Plants Garden GreenFeet
Bloom Garden UCD Evolution of Land Plants Garden GreenFeet

UCD academics came up with the idea and the garden was designed by Dr Caroline Elliott-Kingston and Nicola Haines.

The ‘Evolution of Land Plants Garden’ will now be used as a teaching tool at the university. Prof. Paul McCabe says:

“I want to use it to inspire first-year students to study plant science and try to solve some of these global problems that we have, such as feeding the global population.”



Bloom Gardens – Marie Keating Foundation ‘Out the Other Side: A Garden of Hope’


This uplifting and positive design from the Marie Keating Trust celebrates survival from breast cancer and sends a message of hope.

Bloom Garden Marie Keating Hope Garden 1 20160604_135604
Out the Other Side: Garden of Hope – Marie Keating Foundation



The garden with its thematic planting was designed by Tunde Szentesi and focuses on survivors and survival from breast cancer and features a ‘bra hammock’ made from donated bras. You can just see it in the photograph behind the pink seating.

The garden also features a pink ribbon wall of hope – at least that is what we are calling it. When we were there, Bloom visitors were queueing up to get a pink ribbon from one of the Marie Keating Foundation helpers. They could then write their own message on the ribbon and tie the ribbon to the pink wall.



Greenfeet Bloom Favourite Garden
The pink ribbon ‘wall of hope’ at Marie Keating Foundation Garden Bloom




Bloom Gardens – ‘The Tarzan Garden’


Everyone was talking about this one at Bloom. We had to see it for ourselves.

Favourite Bloom Garden Legend of Tarzan 20160604_154900
A peek through the foliage of The Tarzan Garden

It was created to promote the film ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, and probably did more for the gardening cause than any other single contribution. We can’t possibly think why that might be!

There was a steady stream of people queueing up to get their photo taken with Tarzan. And who could blame them?

Bloom Faourite Garden Legend of Tarzan. Tarzan. 20160604_155339
The very popular Tarzan at Bloom


The beautiful lush green foliage recreating the African jungle was designed by Liat and Oliver Schurmann of Venus Nursery in Dublin and was awarded a Gold Medal for best in category small garden.

Favourite Bloom Gardens
Tarzan Garden at Bloom



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Bloom Gardens