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Lawn Care Winter: From winter to spring, how you can help your lawn flourish

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Lawn Care Winter – We have had what we could call a reasonable winter, with relatively low rain fall when compared with the last number of years.


However it has got a lot colder with freezing temperatures at night as low as -5 in places and a wind chill of about -7 with that North East wind, with some occasional sleet and snow. It is evident that the grass leaves and tips are feeling the brunt of it, as discolouration can be seen on exposed lawns. This will be a brown to light yellow colour.

Discoloured Lawn
Discoloured Lawn

Lawn Care Winter – Advice from the Greefeet Team

Giving your lawn a winter feed is very important. People tend to leave their lawns untreated when the growth stops in the Autumn time around October as they feel there is nothing more to be done with the lawn when it stops growing.


Then the first sign of growth in Spring some people put on a cheap feed and bob’s your uncle but only to wonder why their lawn is mainly contaminated with weeds and moss.


I may at this point tell you WHY – Because your lawn (Grass) is a living thing and is one of the toughest and most residual plants on our planet and needs to be treated.


However, if your lawn is in the category above which is made up of mainly weeds and moss, the reason for this is that you are either the type that never feeds your lawn or the type of person that just gives it an occasional feed, because you want to give it a green up but you do not want excessive growth.


This is where slow release feeds come in. As mentioned above your lawn is a living thing, the reasons you have more weed / moss than grass is because you are not managing your lawn properly.


By applying a slow release feed (from the Greenfeet range) for each season and a weed control in the Summer and a little moss control in the Winter and Spring – you are on your way to a healthy lawn


Lawn treatments are essential to keep a nice dense sward of grass. When you get to this time of the year and the weather is bitter cold and you have your Winter feed out some weeks now your lawn will handle that cold weather much better and will not thin off as easy.


By making it much harder for moss to invade your lawn this time of year and more to this your grass will have much more carbohydrate build up within your lawn when it comes to Spring time.


So when you are applying the Spring feed your lawn will be able to take up the Spring feed much quicker and you will have less wear from Winter Weather.


So, if you are considering Lawn Care Winter solutions, contact the Greetfeet Team and we would be happy to drop out and provide a complimentary proposal.

Lawn Care Winter
Lawn Care Winter