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Lawncare Ireland – How We Came to Love Our Lawns

Lawncare Ireland

Lawncare Ireland – How We Came to Love Our Lawns – Here in Ireland we are blessed with great rain and enjoy some of the best grass in the world. Not the smoking variety, of course, but the emerald green grass you see from the air.   Where did our love affair of lawncare Ireland come from?


Well-watered grass, weeds and pests under control and an impeccably manicured lawn is imagine of our lawns.  We think of the beautiful Aviva Stadium grounds, local golf courses like Portlaoise Golf Club  or the Arnold Palmer designed golf course of  the K Club  in Kildare.


But it wasn’t always like that.


Lawncare  Ireland – The Making of the Modern Lawn


The idea of a lawn goes back to the 16thcentury in Europe. Back then, lawns were more like pasture land kept in shape by the grazing of sheep or horses. For those who could bear the expense there was also labour-intensive scything and shearing.



All that changed in the 17th and 18th century. The garden become a social area and a place where you would stroll. It became a status symbol for the gentry who could afford its upkeep. Capability Brown – one of the most famous gardeners of them all – is credited  with the creation of the open ‘English style’ of parkland where undulating lawns run to the house and the meadow with a scattering of trees and his signature serpentine lake.  The idea spread to Europe and the States.



Here in Ireland, we created the 18th century grand homes such as Powerscourt House estate in Wicklow whose garden was designed to reflect the surrounding landscape.



The invention of the mechanical lawnmower in 1830 in Stroud, England meant that lawns were no longer just for the wealthy. The middle classes also could aspire to the upkeep of a lawn. But Edwin Bear Budding’s lawnmower was immensely heavy and not very good at cutting.



Further  waves of improvements towards lighter and more agile mowers followed. The first riding mowers were invented after the first world war in Leicester.  Today we have the so called ‘robot mowers’ such as the Husqvarna which in a few hours can be set to mow your lawn by itself!!



With the introduction of the 40 hour week, more time on Saturdays to tend to a garden and the growth of suburbia, grass spaces became more commonplace.



Welcome to lawncare Ireland – home to many lawns. And while we may have self-mowing lawns, we still need to care for our patch of emerald green to keep it healthy and lush. Make the most of what you have.



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Lawncare Ireland
Powerscourt House Garden, Wicklow


Lawncare Ireland
Aviva Stadium