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Lawncare Pokemon Go – Who Ya Gonna Capture?

Lawncare Pokemon Go

Well it’s finally arrived. Pokémon Go is on release in Ireland.   As we discover, Pokémon like to hang out in particular habitats depending on their type.  Grass and Bug types are found near Woods and Parks, while you’ll get Water Pokémon near Lakes and Oceans. We couldn’t wait to find out which Lawncare Pokémon Go characters we’d like to capture.


Lawncare Pokémon Go  – which characters to look out for?


Naturally, the Pokémon we’re interested in are among the grass and bug type.  So how to recognise them?



Bulbasaur Lawncare Pokemon Go


Bulbasaur is distinguished by the big seed it carries on his back. You’ll find it napping in the sunlight. It draws nourishment from the seed.  As it soaks up the sun the seed grows bigger and so does Bulbasaur.




Shroomish Lawncare Pokemon go
Credit: PokemonGoDB


Shroomish lives in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. It’s often found keeping still under fallen leaves. It feeds on compost that is made from fallen, rotten leaves.  It’s certainly one to be keeping an eye out for in your grass.

With mushrooms a real problem during these hot sticky summers and pushing through, Shroomish could well be lurking on your lawn.




Bellsprout Lawncare Pokemon go


If Pokémon were actually real – what do you mean they’re not real ? – you might be looking out for Bellsprout, also known as the flower Pokémon.  This Pokémon is pretty fierce. It’s carnivorous and traps and eats bugs and uses its root feet to soak up moisture.




Lawncare Pokemon Go


Oddish is known as the weed Pokémon and look like a clump of weeds. If you try to pull it out of the ground, it shrieks. During the day, it buries itself in the soil to avoid sunlight. It grows under the moonlight.

We love its authentic sounding scientific name “Oddium Wanderus.” At night, it is said to walk nearly 1,000 feet on its two roots.


Capturing the Lawncare Pokemon Go Critters

Of course our interest in this craze is purely professional.  Greenfeet’s lawncare investigations are nothing if not exacting.   We like to call them our  ‘Lawncare Pokémon Go’ characters.   We’ll be learning to capture these lovely little creatures over the coming months as we sort out your lawncare.


Why not contact us and we’ll carry out a free evaluation of your lawncare needs. And there’ll be no charge for any Pokémon we may capture while carrying out our work. lawncare – Find out more about lawncare though the blog.  Get your free evaluation of your lawn’s needs, by contacting Greenfeet Lawn Care. Our consultants will arrange to pay a visit and assess your lawn needs. Call 1890 252 778 or Complete the form. Our experts look forward to helping you.

Lawncare Pokemon Go