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Lawncare Weather Funnies – Five Funny Weather Reports

Greenfeet Lawncare Weather Funnies

You like to keep a weather eye out so you can grab your best chance to cut the lawn, trim those edges or tackle the lawn’s bald patches.  Well, things don’t always go to plan. and here’s a few weather reports that certainly took an unexpected turn. Have a look at our Lawncare Weather Funnies. Enjoy.



Lawncare Weather Funnies – BBC  Weather Bloopers

It could happen to anyone. And it does. Even the BBC gets caught out. And here are some howlers.


Pokemon Go Craze Interrupts Weather Report



Pokeomon Go News Anchor gets caught up in the craze and walks across the Forecast



Lawncare Weather Funnies – Teresa Mannion Report




And of course the classic from Teresa Mannion.


Her weather report live from the seafront in Salthill in Galway while Storm Desmond whipped around her and lashed her with rain became an instant classic.

Can we ever forget her warning ‘don’t make unnecessary journeys, don’t take risks on treacherous roads’. It has spawned a ‘flood’ – ha ha –  of funny mashups.  Here’s one of the best.




And here’s the original RTE report from Teresa herself as she is introduced.

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Greenfeet Lawncare Weather Funnies