Spring Lawn Care

Aeration & Preparing your Lawn for Spring…

Aeration & Preparing your Lawn for Sprig

Never underestimate how important aeration is for your lawn. You can manually undertake aeration activity yourself by poking thousands of holes into your lawn with a pitch fork and this will then ensure the soil is getting plenty of air. However, aeration is mainly done with an aerator machine.

Check out Anthony talking about Aeration and see a machine in action on this video…

The main advantage of aeration is that it allows your grass and fertiliser to be absorbed into the roots more effectively. By doing this you will achieve a much healthier turf during the growing season and see better results for your garden. But there are also other things you can do to maintain your lawn…

Maintaining your Lawn

Trying to keep your lawn fresh and beautiful is not always an easy task. With each passing season especially in Ireland there can be lots of challenges and debris on the lawn is something every lawn owner will face. Autumn in Ireland will bring beautiful changing leaves, that will fall all over the lawn. However, those falling leaves will settle on your lawn and if not gathered up will blanket your lawns. In the seasons of spring and summer, the leaves will have to be removed quickly because this layer covering the grass blocks both sunlight and air from reaching the turf, which of course are two very important elements needed for the grass to stay alive.

A good tip for prepping your lawn for spring would be to clean up the leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered on your lawn over the winter season. By doing this you are preventing debris getting stuck in your lawn mower so make sure everything is raked up first.

So, you MUST collect your leaves and any type of debris from your lawn, every year, for the reasons stated above.

The Irish Weather and Preparing for Spring

In Ireland it is commonly known that the Winter weather isn’t the best for our lawns and it actually leave your grass weak and hungry.

Aeration & Preparing your Lawn for Spring
A Typical Irish Spring Landscape

And so, at the beginning of spring, we would suggest using lawn fertiliser as it feed your grass and pre-emergent which will help prevent crabgrass. In about eight weeks apply these products again and use a weed killer.

Another important step in the spring season is to mow your lawn every five days as this will prevent the grass from growing too high. If you cut your lawn too low too quickly it will stunt the roots therefore the grass will not reproduce properly. So, it is best to gradually cut your lawn over time to get to the perfect length.

Brown Patches on your Lawn

When people see brown patches on their lawn the immediate reaction is to fill it with grass seed. However, if you apply weed killer the seeds won’t grow. Instead, you should fertilise your lawn then in a couple of weeks fill the patches with grass seed.

Example of Brown Patches on Lawn
Example of Brown Patches on Lawn
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