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Lawn Mower Automatic – The Benefits – No More Mowing Between Showers

Robot Mower Benefits

Automatic Lawn Mower – There are plenty of automatic lawn mower benefits. But it’s worth having a look at the problems you face when using the old fashioned mowing devices. Yes. They have served you well. You might even be a bit fond of your old mower. But you can’t argue with the facts.


Automatic Lawn Mower – The Drawbacks of Old Fashioned Mowers


For a start there’s the noise.  Do you have to shout over the noise when you’re mowing?


Then there are the grass clippings to clear up. There’s the time wasted when you could be doing something else – relaxing in a hammock, sipping wine as you sit in your new garden furniture, or even completing some of the other chores you have to do around the house. God knows, there is always something.


But one of the great nuisances has got to be when you’ve found that moment to mow, you’re getting those lovely stripes in the grass and the rain comes down and you’re forced to abandon the mowing and run indoors until it clears.  Does that sound familiar?


Let’s face it, rain happens a lot in Ireland.  In fact it could be several days before it clears before you can get out and mow again.


Now, here’s an idea.  You’ve heard about watching the grass grow….. well how do you like the sound of sitting on your couch, looking out the window and watching an automatic lawn mower actually cutting your grass BY ITSELF.  Or you could even go off to town do something else while the lawn looks after itself.



Automatic Lawn Mower – The Benefits – No More Dashing Between Showers

No more dashing in and out between showers to finish the job because the automower can operate even when it is raining.


For as little as €1 per month you could be sitting pretty on your couch reading a book or doing whatever you fancy, yoga, mindfulness or meditation practice you like while your automatic lawn mower does the work for you. Automatic lawn mowers are where it’s at.


Robot Mower Benefits
Anthony from Greenfeet with one of the Husqvarna Robot Mowers


More Automatic Lawn Mower Benefits

Robot mowers can mow a lawn of up to half an acre regardless of the weather. It can handle slopes of up to 35%. And when it comes to something in its way it stops and can point itself in another direction then carry on.


There are built in anti-theft devices and its use of electricity is light. So it is efficient. There are no traipsing wires because it can connect directly to the your system.


It’s simple to use the robot mower and  easy to get up and running.


Robot Mower Benefits
Choose from a range of robot mowers


If you like the sound of the automatic lawn mower robot mower then get in touch with Greenfeet. Call us today on 1890 252 778 or Complete the form.


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When you’re ready to go ahead, we will do everything to get you up and running – from measuring up your lawn to getting the co-ordinates so your mower can trim your lawn by itself and installing the mower.


We’ll have you up and running in a few hours.


So make that call today. Get your free evaluation of your lawn care needs and robot mower.  Call 1890 252 778 or Complete the form.   Our experts look forward to helping you.

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