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Autumn Lawn – Leaves Clearing! Tips to improve your lawn

Autumn Lawn

Autumn lawn leaves clearing! It’s a joy to see the spectacular Autumn colour around our gardens. How can our lawns benefit from this abundance, this riot of spectacular reds, yellow, browns and gold? When the warm weather breaks we will quickly see leaves stripped from the trees and fill our lawns. Here are some tips to make the most of this manna from heaven for your lawn.


Autumn Lawn
Leaves, and more Leaves!


Autumn Lawn Leaves Clearing

Lovely as they are, it is important to clear up the leaves. And here’s why.


  • Removing the leaves will stop wet patches forming – as the leaves soak the rain or damp.  These wet patches – if allowed to develop –  can encourage moss to grow and to get mouldy
  • Unattended fallen leaves soak up the water and creating a breeding ground for moss etc.
  • They also prevent water getting to the roots of your grass lawn.
  • Keep the lawn clear of debris and organic material that might be swept on to lawns by winds.
  • Don’t forget to clear up kids bikes or other equipment from your lawn.   It’s the same issue.  Leaving them there stops water getting to the grass, the weight often kills the plant and you won’t see the evidence of that until next Spring.

Autumn Lawn Leaves Tidy-up


Autumn Lawn Leaves Clearing –  Fantastic Organic Material


The fallen leaves make for fantastic organic material providing nutrients than can feed your garden and act as an added fertiliser.

You can  rake the leaves right into the surrounding flower beds or to feed the base of a tree in the garden.  This can help feed the soil in the beds


Autumn Lawn Leaves Tidy-up

We have also seen people pile up the collected leaves into a pile in part of the garden that is not being used.  Left to do its magic all Winter, the leaves convert over the Winter months into a good mulch which you can add to the garden beds in the Spring. So keep on top of the leaf fall, and watch your lawn thrive.


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