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Autumn Lawn Feed: When and How to Use It

Autumn Lawn Feed

Autumn lawn feed, now is the time.  As summer closes in, you want to prepare your lawn for winter. You can see the wear and tear on the grass. Patches may have appeared. It’s all looking a bit worn.  There are different lawn fertilisers  you can choose as we’ve discussed before.  So what should you use to revive your autumn lawn?


What Autumn Lawn Feed Should You Use?

The choice is between a quick release fertiliser or a slow release.  We recommend the slow release because it will feed your grass from the roots up and help create a longer lasting greener lawn.

Use a good Autumn Lawn Feed. Don’t be tempted to use other seasonal feeds such as the Spring Feed that may be still in your garage.  You need the right nutrients for Autumn to get your grass in good shape. Greenfeet has its own Autumn Lawn Feed and there are others specifically designed for conditions at this time of year.


Autumn Lawn Feed from Greenfeet Lawncare



Greenfeet Autumn Lawn Feed comes in the form of ‘prills’ which slowly release their nutrients.  The fertiliser release is naturally controlled by the temperature and moisture of the soil. The slow release feeds your soil over a number of months to get it back to greener conditions.

Autumn Lawn Feed
Autumn Lawn Feed prills


When to Use the Autumn Lawn Feed

September is the key month. The grass is ready for the fertiliser just before the temperature really drops.

The good ‘Autumn’ period for fertiliser shifts according to the weather and the temperature near you.  So you can put fertiliser or feed down as early as mid to late August, through September and  into October.



How to Use the Autumn Lawn Feed

Put down the prills when there has just been rain or the area is moist. Make sure to distribute the prills evenly across the lawn.  Too concentrated a patch can scorch the grass. To get your Greenfeet Autumn lawn feed take a look at Greenfeet’s  DIY Lawncare pack here . We give you the lawn feed with all the instructions with the pack and you can do it yourself. Alternatively, get the Greenfeet consultants in to ‘green up’ your lawn for the Autumn and you will see results within a few weeks.


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Autumn Lawn Feed
Autumn Lawn Feed