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Bald Lawn – Does your lawn horrify you?

Bald Lawn

Bald Lawn Patch Horror


Bald Lawn???? Does your garden look like a scene from a horror film?  Is your lawn haunted by bald patches? Nothing grows. Your lawn is just dead. It’s that time of year when according to legend the un-dead emerge out of the bowels of the ground.


‘Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart…….’


A ghostly clapping sound gets louder in your ear as the music swells. It’s all getting a bit like Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The spooky moonlight cruelly shows up your ravaged lawn.


Bare Patch Lawn Horror


‘It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark’ sings Michael Jackson.


Bald Lawn Horror – ‘Something evil’s lurking in your lawn


‘Horror looks you right between the eyes’.  Your once lush lawn is patchy and miserable looking.

Worn patches of yellow and brown dead grass mar your lawn.

And when the dawn breaks the ghoulish scene of your lawn doesn’t look much better in daylight.


Bald Lawn Horror ‘You close your eyes …

‘You close your eyes …and hope that this is just imagination’.

There are many reasons for this patchy condition of your grass and we’re going to be looking at some of the causes of this horror over the next blogs.  We’ll be identifying, Fusarium disease patches, fertiliser overdose and scalping as just some of the causes for these bare patches.


Bring your Lawn Back from the Dead

We’ll be showing you how each of these issues affects your lawn, when you are most likely to encounter them and most importantly what  you can do to fix this bald lawn horror and bring your grass back from the dead.

We’re here to help you bring an end to your nightmare lawn.

Bare Patch Lawn Horror


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Bald Lawn