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Three of our Latest New Lawn Installation throughout the country…before and after photos


First Lawn up… Lawn Number Two… And last up…

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Lawn Care Tips from Greenfeet and our Summer Newsletter

Lawn Care Tip from Greenfee Lawncare

MOSS Problems – Causes Shaded areas – large trees and plants hanging over the lawn blocking natural Leaving debris / leaves on the grass for months Compacted soils or heavy wear areas Water logged – poor drainage Bad cutting practice – cutting with blunt blades, not cutting regular Neglect of the lawn – no feeding […]

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Husqvarna Ireland award Greenfeet Lawncare with an outstanding performance Automower® sales award…well done to the team and all involved…

Greenfeet LawncareTop Automower Specialist

Greenfeet Lawncare Top Automower® Specialist

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Some Latest Summer News from Greenfeet Lawncare…


Firstly, a great review from Robbie McCabe in Adree, Co. Louth for Tom and the Greenfeet team in Louth. Thanks Robbie. Covid Phase One – Reopening – 18th of May…Back to Work The Greenfeet teams have been flat out throughout the country catching up on work since the lockdown and even working full days on […]