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Greenfeet Lawn Care Videos

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Greenfeet are bringing their expertise to our very own YouTube channel so everyone can find out how to look after their lawn. Anthony has worked on some of the best Golf courses and now brings his secrets to the best lawns in Ireland and to you through our YouTube channel.   There’s loads of tips […]

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How to get rid of moss in lawn?

A Well Groomed Lawn from Greenfeet

How to get rid of moss in lawn – Having moss in your lawn can be very problematic and unslightly, and that’s why you need to find a quick, reliable way to deal with that in your own way. Thankfully, there are lots of options to consider here, and we are happy to offer you […]

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Last Minute Christmas Ideas????? Why not a Gift Voucher from Greenfeet Lawncare???

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

A great Christmas Gift Voucher Idea from Greenfeet Lawncare – It’s coming up to Christmas very soon and maybe you are running short on gift ideas?  Why not give the gift of a pristine Lawn from the lawncare experts at Greenfeet Lawncare????  And don’t just think about Christmas, Greenfeet Lawn Care gift vouchers are greats […]

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When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland

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When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland – If you want your lawn to be lush and have a brilliant green color, considering that the climate in Ireland is rather wet, you need to be careful about its fertilization. Every living organism, including grass, needs nutrients in order to grow healthy. In Ireland, where the […]

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How to Choose the Best Type of Lawn Seed

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Lawn Seed – A perfect lawn is the dream of every house owner, but achieving such a goal may turn out to be trickier than it may seem. If you have a relatively small lawn, it is always best to grow it from seeds rather than rolled out lawn.  But, believe it or not, choosing […]

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Lawn Feed – Types of Lawn Feed and your options

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Lawn Feed – Just like humans require food, water and shelter to live, lawns depend on some specific elements to survive. Most of these elements naturally exist in the environment, but many others need to be added to the lawn. Adding fertilizer that contains these three elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will do the job […]

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Lawn Fertilizer and Fertilization – When and What Techniques to use….

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Lawn Fertilizer – We all enjoy the look and walking on a smooth and lush lawn and to achieve this look you must apply lawn fertilizer to your lawn.  So, what lawn fertilizer should be used and how should your lawn fertilizer be used, frequency and appropriate formulas?   Well, if you want to achieve […]

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Gardening Maintenance – How To Prevent Garden Pests and Diseases

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Garden Maintenance – A healthy garden is composed of plants that are free from garden pests and diseases. You can do many things to keep your plants stay healthy. One way you can do is to have the right collection of plants. Some plants are more susceptible to diseases than others and by following planting […]

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Garden Care – How to Add More Value to the Look of Your Lawn

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Garden Care – Have you ever wandered outside to take a look at your lawn and found that to be honest, it could look better? I know I have. But there are things you can do to improve the look of your lawn. If you’re like me then the fact that it is green and […]

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Lawn Repairs at Greenfeet Lawn Care

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Lawn Repairs – Your lawn is one of the most visible aspects of your home. When properly taken care of, a green stretch of lawn can make a house look inviting and clean. Unfortunately, a neglected lawn can also make your house look run down and be an eye sore. This article will discuss lawn […]