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Fall Lawn Care Spectacular – Why we’re having a great Autumn

Autumn Lawn Colour Spectacular

Fall Lawn Care – Stunning leaf colour surrounds our lawns this Autumn so why are we enjoying this autumn lawn colour spectacular? In Ireland we’ve had our own ‘New England Fall’ – as the US North Eastern states are famed to enjoy.  Instead of the paltry few weeks of Autumn leaves, this year we’ve enjoyed spectacular reds, yellows, browns and gold colours lighting up the trees  for weeks.



Fall Lawn Care


Fall Lawn Care – Autumn Lawn Colour Spectacular – Why Leaves Change Colour


Remember learning about chlorophyll in school?    Leaves convert energy from the sunlight in Spring and Summer in a process called photosynthesis. That’s the long formula you had to learn off by heart in biology class. The photosynthesis  produces green chlorophyll.  This nourishes the tree.


As the light fades in Autumn and Winter the green chlorophyll disappears and in its place the red and yellow pigments are revealed underneath.   This is when we see the dramatic colour change to reds and yellow in the leaves in Autumn.


Autumn Lawn Colour Spectacular

Fall Lawn Care – Autumn Lawn Colour Spectacular– Weather Report


This year’s extended riot of colour is brought on by the unusually warm and dry weather which has lasted beyond the usual couple of weeks well into November. When the weather suddenly changes we’ll be left with bare trees as the wind, cold and rain pluck the golden leaves from the trees. Let’s enjoy the Autumn lawn colour spectacular while it lasts! Check out Greenfeet advice on clearing up the Autumn leaves from your lawn and who your lawn can benefit from it.


Fall Lawn Care

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