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Gardening Maintenance – How To Prevent Garden Pests and Diseases

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Garden Maintenance – A healthy garden is composed of plants that are free from garden pests and diseases. You can do many things to keep your plants stay healthy. One way you can do is to have the right collection of plants. Some plants are more susceptible to diseases than others and by following planting and seeding procedures properly, you will decrease the chances of your plants getting sick. Providing the right environment is also essential. Too much heat and water may also cause undesirable plant conditions. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your plants stay healthy.


Garden Maintenance and Tips for Healthy Plants


Garden Maintenance  – Soil

Healthy plants starts with healthy soil. Rots are caused by soggy roots. Moisture and dry soil are one of the causes for garden pests and diseases. While water is good for your plants, keep in mind that just like other things, too much of anything is not good.


Garden Maintenance – Spacing

When planting, it is important to keep enough space between plants so they have room for their roots, branches and stems to grow. Having an overcrowded plant bed will make contamination and transfer of diseases very easy. Also, you would not want your plants to be competing with each other for their essential needs. If you place your plants very close to each other, not all of your plants will be getting enough sunlight, water and nutrients. Proper spacing makes air circulate around your plants better resulting to a lower rate of fungus formation and other disease conditions.


Garden Maintenance – Right Choice


Having the right plants in your garden is very important. There are many kinds of cultivars to choose from and there are many cultivars that resist various types of diseases.  Have a chat with the Greenfeet Team who can will help you identify the diseases that are common in your area. There are also cultivars that are tolerant of diseases. This means these plans can acquire a disease but would not be gravely affected by it.


Garden Maintenance – Follow prevention techniques


If you have plants that are susceptible to diseases, make sure to give it proper protective measures. Avoid garden pests and diseases by timely prevention. Wilt-proofing is a product made from pine oil. This helps foliage from being dry during cold weather leading to lower incidence of fungus formation.


Garden Maintenance – To prevent infestation, you can try doing the following


Have a good mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables. By doing this, you will have colorful plant bed that may help confuse pests. Also, the different scents will give pests a hard time to look for their favorite food. Have basil, garlic and lemon geraniums in your plant bed.  Not all insects are bad for your plants. When caring for plants, it is always good to have the right kind of insects in your garden. Ladybugs, spiders and lacewings prey on pests.


Caring for your garden does not only end with watering and providing enough sunlight for your flowers and plants. Some common garden pests are important according to your specific garden, make sure that you also follow some measures to prevent garden pests and diseases from getting into your plants.


Garden Maintenance – Need help with your Lawn or Garden?


Whatever methods you decide to use on your garden, if you need help with your lawn contact the Greenfeet Lawn Care team today, fill out the complimentary Garden Maintenance appointment form, see our locations nationwide.  Our garden maintenance consultants will arrange to visit and assess your lawn needs.  Call 1890 252 778 or take a look at our amazing lawn repairs and enquire about our our lawn and garden maintenance service for just 10 euro per month.

Garden Maintenance
Garden Maintenance