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Summer Grass Cutting: Three Simple Tips

Summer Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting – These three simple summer grass cutting tips will help you care for your lawn over the summer months. Have a look through and get to grips with your grass length and take a tip from the pros.


  1. Summer Grass Cutting – Cut your summer grass regularly

Regular summer grass cutting is vital during these months. Cut the grass at least once or even twice a week. Lawn growth slows down as the temperature warms up. So you need to cut a little higher. This will reduce evaporation of moisture off the lawn and ward against the turf drying out.



Each time you mow you should cut the grass to a 1/3 of its length.  If you go over that you run the risk of cutting it too short, damaging the grass plant and ushering in the moss.


Summer Grass Cutting


If you leave the grass to grow too long, when you next go out you will be facing a meadow and I don’t need to tell you how tough that will be to cut.  You will have to cut the grass in stages to bring the grass height down. Meantime, the weeds will get in.  And in any case, the grass doesn’t like been hacked at in erratic intervals.  The lawn much prefers being cut at regular intervals.



  1. Summer Grass Cutting – change direction


Take a tip from the pros and get that lush look to your lawn. The pros don’t just cut regularly they also change the direction of the cutting.



Cutting the grass in different directions has nothing to do with getting that stripe affect your see on those beautiful lawns at you nearest GAA or football pitch.



The pros know that if you always cut the grass in the same direction you leave your grass open to damaging the plant and letting in the moss.



What happens is that as you cut the grass, there is a little bit of suction from the mower as it sucks away the grass cutting. As it does this the mower pulls the crown of the grass plant in that direction. Constantly dragging on the grass crown in the one direction, stresses the grass plant and also leaves space into which moss can make its home.



The best tip is to alternate the direction of grass cutting. Think of the dial on a clock and change the direction in sequence. Each time you cut the grass take a different direction. Cut the grass in a sequence:  12 to 6, 8 to 2, 10 to 4 and 3 to 9 on the dial.



  1. Summer Grass Cutting – Automowers


Invest in an Automower. No seriously! They have changed the whole world of lawn mowing and maintenance. Running costs can work out at as little as €1 per month. You can set the mower to cut when you want. It can recharge itself and can cut the lawn even when it is raining. We’ll look at this in greater depth in the next blog.


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