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Grass Maintenance Quiz – Which Personality Are You?


It’s a myth that if you’re organised in one field, you’re organised in another. Take grass maintenance. You may be super-organised in the office, manage your finances, or make critical life plans – new house, retirement – like a champion. But the grass? Well, not so much. Which of our five grass maintenance personalities are you?


Which Grass Maintenance Personality Are You?


Green Fingers – You’re a hands-on person in your garden. You’ve got all the grass maintenance gear: the rake, nifty lawnmower, half-moon cutter. You’re always on the alert for a better way of doing your lawn. Unlike some of us, you actually get it done. When the weather clears you’re out there. Bank holiday Monday you’ll be out cutting the grass. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months you fertilise the lawn. We salute you.
Enthusiastic Amateur – Not as confident as our green fingered friend but you’ll give it a go. You are learning as you go along. You’re keen to pick up tips. But you’d like to get a bit of help. With Greenfeet’s DIY Lawncare Solution you’ll get everything you need to feed your lawn for a season, at the same time as wiping out weeds and moss. You also get full instructions so you can carry out the treatment with confidence and with ease.


Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet – You keep putting off mowing the grass. You know you need to do something with the moss . But the bit you like is flicking back the deck chair and snoozing. You love to listen to the birds tweeting or the footie on the radio or some music. Is that rain? Grand that’s the grass watered. Maybe you should get the experts in.
Environmentalist – You collect rain water in a bucket. You’re keen to nurture the wildlife in your garden. The sight of birds on the lawn just means the worms are doing what they do best, naturally aerating your grass. Your lawn is bordered by plants that encourage butterflies and bees.
Too Darn Busy for Grass Maintenance – You are genuinely busy with more important stuff. With young children or grandchildren – you’re got more important things to do. But maybe you could get them involved with a little task? Children love to help. You could make a fun project of the lawn.


Check this handy list of questions to help you assess a service to help with your grass maintenance.


At Greenfeet we are always happy to go through the steps with you. Contact Greenfeet to get a free evaluation for your grass maintenance needs and how to manage your lawn. One of our lawn care experts will visit you and devise a grass maintenance service tailored to your specific lawn and your budget. The grass care evaluation includes a full evaluation of your lawn, its needs and treatment. Call 1890 252 778 or Complete the form. Our experts look forward to helping you.

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