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Lawn Care Dog – Your Loyal Lawn Companion

Greenfeet Lawn Care Dog

Ah the lawn care dog. One of the pleasures of cutting and maintaining your lawn can be the company of your loyal companion.  Having your loyal friend and family pet by your side has its own rewards.




There you are cutting the lawn. Your dog is having a ball nosing around in the grass, having a poke in the flowerbeds or lying flat out on the lawn enjoying a sunny spot.  Isn’t it well for some!



You’re doing all the hard work, and your favourite pooch is doing the dog equivalent of putting his feet up and watching you work.


Is he mocking you?


Is he taking you for granted?


Is he hell?

Greenfeet Lawn Care Dog 2



A happy Lawn Care Dog is its own reward


He looks as happy as Larry. Hasn’t a care in the world.   He’s wagging his tail to keep cool.  Fanning himself in his exhausted state (oh yeah)  while you slog away cutting the green carpet that he has decided is The Most Comfortable Place on Earth. Yeah that would be right.



But let’s be honest.


It’s a pleasure to see him or her (let’s not be leaving anyone out) whoever your pet dog is, enjoying your lovely lawn.


Secretly, it just adds to the pleasure of maintaining your lawn.  You want someone, or something, who really appreciates it like you do.  Well maybe not quite like you do. But you know what we mean. Your dog has his, or her, own special reasons for enjoying your lawn. And that’s how it should be.



Greenfeet Lawn Care Dog


Keeping your dog safe while you mow is quite another matter.  And we’ll be returning to that critical issues in the next posts.


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Greenfeet Lawn Care Dog