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Lawn Care Tips from Greenfeet and our Summer Newsletter

Lawn Care Tip from Greenfee Lawncare

MOSS Problems – Causes

  • Shaded areas – large trees and plants hanging over the lawn blocking natural
  • Leaving debris / leaves on the grass for months
  • Compacted soils or heavy wear areas
  • Water logged – poor drainage
  • Bad cutting practice – cutting with blunt blades, not cutting regular
  • Neglect of the lawn – no feeding


  • Cut back any trees or plants to allow natural light through to the grass
  • Ensure and blow all leaves from lawn throughout Autumn through to Winter
  • Consider Aeration to relieve the compaction early Spring late Autumn – Hollow core / Verti drain
  • Consider having drainage to let the surface water away
  • Regulate your cutting directions where possible
  • ALWAYS Cut with sharp blades
  • Never cut away any more than one third of the grass leaf at any on time
  • Lawn needs feeding each season

Height of Cut

  • Start off in Spring cutting height 2-3”
  • As growth starts gradually reduce height down to 1.5”
  • Start to increase heights again in EARLY Autumn to 2-3”

Should you spread lime on grass before a feed?

  • I would say NO to lime on your lawn
  • Unless you have a lime deficiency
  • Easiest way to find his out to buy soil PH test kit

Soil PH IS Measure between 1 and 14

ACID 1                      Neutral 7                         Alkaline 14

peat soils                                                     Lime stone soil

  • Overuse of lime encourages coarser grasses
  • You want fine texture leaf in your lawn
  • Stick to feeding the lawn without lime in most cases

Merits of traditional Mower Versus Automower

  • Rotary mower – you’re cutting with impact
  • Time for person to sit on the Mower
  • Mowing in bad weather conditions
  • Removal of clippings
  • If mulching leads to bad thatch problems
  • Thatch is a build-up of dead plant material
  • The Fuel aspect
  • The environment pollution


  • Cuts the lawn for you
  • Cutting with shear sharp blades all the time
  • Cutting in 360 different dimensions
  • Little to no clippings
  • Of which the plant can digest
  • Bacteria and microbes keep the leaf broken down
  • Access food source for the lawn
  • No worry about weather conditions, Automower mows every day
  • No noise
  • Very cheap to run
  • No pollution

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