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Lawn Feed – Types of Lawn Feed and your options

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Lawn Feed – Just like humans require food, water and shelter to live, lawns depend on some specific elements to survive. Most of these elements naturally exist in the environment, but many others need to be added to the lawn. Adding fertilizer that contains these three elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will do the job perfectly.


Most fertilizers will contain all these three elements. However, the elements are present in different quantity in different type of fertilizers. This is shown in a three-digit number, such as the 30-10-10, which shows the percentage of each element in the following order: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This combination will serve distinctive purposes. For instance, more potassium is good for winter.


Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the appropriate feed for your lawn are grass type, time of season, soil type and climate. Once you figure out what you need, you will be able to ascertain the right combination of the elements. Another way by which you can determine the elements requirement is by determining their current level in your soil. This can be achieved through a pH test.


Types of Lawn Feed

In addition to variation in the proportion of the major elements, there are also various types of fertilizers to consider. These include: Granular (slow and fast-release), Synthetic, Liquid, and Organic.


Granular Lawn Feed

Granular fertilizers are the most popular, perhaps due to their simplicity, effectiveness, and duration. Since they are dry, they are easier to spread. They are available in a slow time-release formula, providing fertilization for two to six months. This form of lawn feed can be a considered a good choice for homeowners, as fertilization will not be required for the next few months.


Granular also comes in a fast-release formula. Although it is applied in the same manner as slow time-release formula, but the nutrients are released faster and works better in a cold weather. This method is also cost effective. However, grass burns may occur which can lead to a greater need for watering.


Synthetic Lawn Feed

Synthetic fertilizers are produced chemically, hence the name synthetic. These fertilizers provide immediate release of nutrients, thereby making lawns green. They penetrate the soil faster. Nevertheless, they are not natural, and a lot of people argue that lawns need to be treated organically.


Liquid Lawn Feed

Liquid fertilizers are just like the name implies – fertilizers in liquid form. They are applied by means of a spray bottle. Since the content is usually in a concentrated form there is a need for dilution before the application.


Organic Lawn Feed

Lastly, organic fertilizers are made from plant and animal remains. They are applied to the lawn by rakes, spreaders, sometimes by hand. Since these are completely natural, the organics break down slowly when releasing the elements. Organic fertilizers will improve the density and texture of your lawn.  At Greenfeet Lawncare we use organic lawn feed…..


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Lawn Feed
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