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Lawn Fertilizer and Fertilization – When and What Techniques to use….

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Lawn Fertilizer – We all enjoy the look and walking on a smooth and lush lawn and to achieve this look you must apply lawn fertilizer to your lawn.  So, what lawn fertilizer should be used and how should your lawn fertilizer be used, frequency and appropriate formulas?


Well, if you want to achieve a great looking lawn, you should ensure you fertilize your lawn at least once a year, fertilization will always keep your lawn in good condition.


Lawn Fertilizer – The Basics…..

Fertilization should be timed to ensure the needs of the lawn are met.  Make sure you regulary mow your lanw and apply the lawn fertilizer formula in Spring, in fact every Spring. Select organic grass fertilizers that are appropriate for your type of grass.  What type of grass do you have?


When purchasing a lawn fertilizer, ensure you read the label to check if it lists the grass you are nurturing, it should be fine, but no harm in checking just to make sure its OK for your type of grass. Also ensure you follow the stated frequency of use.


Lawn Fertilizer – New Lawns

Try and use “new lawn” or “starter” formulas for the seeds and sprigged lawns that are under two years, this will deliver thickening effect in the early seasons.  For older lawns, apply granular, slow release complete fertilizers, they are generally known to supply nutrients during the fastest growing periods of the lawn.


Don’t go for fertilizers with single ingredient like nitrogen or potassium unless you have examined the soil and you realise these ingredients are needed.


Spreading the Lawn Fertilizer

If possible, purchase or borrow a fertilizer spreader. Ensure that you understand how it is calibrated for the chosen granular food. Always move a little away from the spreader and cover every part of the lawn once.  Follow the instructions on your lawn fertilizer label concerning re-application. Spray cautiously and do not overfeed.


Lawn Fertilizer – A Few Tips

The following are the points you need to keep in mind whenever you are fertilizing your lawn.

  • Avoid the use of a fertilizer mixed with a bug or weed killer. Apply weed control products separately
  • Do not fertilize an exceedingly dry lawn as this will burn out the stressed lawn
  • Wear gloves whenever you handle fertilizers and pesticides
  • Wear a dust mask to avoid inhalation of dust.


Generally speaking, when considering lawn fertilizer for you lawn, you should consider a number of factors, such as: The current nutrition of the lawn, the amount you want to spend, and how much labour you wish to invest in the application of the fertilizer.


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Lawn Fertilizer
Lawn Fertilizer