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Are You Ready for Lawn Moss Removal?

Lawn Moss Removal

You’ve had enough of the moss in your grass and are now ready to remove moss once and for all.  We’ve talked about preventing moss, now we need to look at lawn moss removal.  How do you get rid of moss when it is already in your lawn? Instead of unsightly yellow patches, you want to return the grass to its natural green state, a lawn so green you can enjoy compliments from neighbours.
Well that’s the dream. So let’s get down to basics here.


Lawn moss removal – follow these steps


  • Apply a moss control product. Iron sulphate is the base of a number of moss control products but should only be used when it is part of an overall lawn mosskiller. Spring and early Autumn are the times to put a moss control product on your mossy grass. Read instructions carefully.


  • Leave moss to blacken. You’ll need to leave it for a few weeks while the moss blackens.


  • Lawn moss removal with scarification. With a small lawn you could do this by hand with a rake or scarifier. With a larger lawn its worth hiring a mechanical scarifier if you don’t have one.


  • Re-seed any bare patches and add some fertiliser to encourage conditions for grass growth.


  • Recovery time. The time it takes for your lawn to noticeably recover will vary. It could be 6-8 weeks for lawn moss removal, depending on conditions.



Contact Greenfeet to get a free evaluation for your lawn care needs and how to tackle lawn moss removal. One of our lawn care experts will visit you and devise a moss control plan tailored to your specific lawn and your budget. The lawn moss removal service includes a full evaluation of your lawn and its needs, treatment, scarification and the collection and removal of all the unsightly dead moss.

The experts at Greenfeet Lawn Care, collectively as a team have almost 100 years of experience. Contact us today to get a free evaluation lawn care.


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Lawn Moss Removal
Lawn Moss Removal