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Lawn Repairs – Your lawn is one of the most visible aspects of your home. When properly taken care of, a green stretch of lawn can make a house look inviting and clean. Unfortunately, a neglected lawn can also make your house look run down and be an eye sore. This article will discuss lawn repairs and how you can keep your lawn and yard looking beautiful.


Lawn Repairs and Bare Patches


There are many reasons why a lawn may need repairing, but some of these fixes can be quick and easy. Perhaps one of the most obvious problems a lawn may have is bare patches. An easy fix, depending on the cause of the bare patch, can be to use lawn seed and a slow release fertilizer. After sprinkling the lawn seed and fertilizer, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on care.


Lawn Repairs and Dead or Dry Grass


Another common problem that plagues many lawns is dead and dry grass. Because of a lack of water, grass may die and look unsightly. To fix this problem, use lawn sprinklers to water the problem areas. Early morning is the best time of day to water your lawn, especially if it will be a hot and dry day.


Lawn Repairs and Uneven Surfaces


Uneven surfaces, depending on the severity, can make lawns look strange, even if they are lush and green. To fix this problem, locate the uneven areas of the lawn. Use a tool such as a spade or shovel and cut the turf and peel it back. If the lawn was bumped up in this area carefully remove excess soil. If it was a depression, add some dirt to the area. Once you replace the turf, the area will look like there was never a problem.


Lawn Repairs and Poor Drainage


Poor drainage can result in puddles on the surface of the lawn and cause serious problems for the health of the grass. To solve this problem try using an aerator on the lawn. An aerator will remove small bits of soil and create more room for drainage. Also, if water buildup is due to a depression in the ground, consider adding some dirt to that location to reduce the chances of a puddle forming.


Lawn Repairs and Grub Infestation


A major issue that plagues some lawns is a grub infestation. Grubs eat the roots of your grass which leads to browning and eventually death of the grass. This can cause unsightly areas in your lawn. If not treated, this problem can cause serious damage to your lawn. To find out if this is the cause of your problem, peel back a piece of turf where the damaged areas border green areas. If grubs are your problem, consider purchasing grub control lawn products. Often easy to apply, these products will kill the grubs and allow the damage to be controlled. Once the grubs are gone, you can remove the dead grass and reseed the problem areas.


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Lawn Repairs
Lawn Repairs