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Lawn Weeds….Broadleaf Plantain – how to get rid of it

Lawn weeds……broadleaf plantain is a common sight in some lawns.  When you look out across the lawn it looks pockmarked. The grass is lush but in places it looks like it’s been pressed down by something. Take a closer look and you’ll find the lawn weed broadleaf plantain.


What is the Lawn Weed Broadleaf Plantain?

Broadleaf plantain is a perennial weed.  You will find it in poor, thin lawns with compacted soil. It can withstand lack of water, but thrives where soil is overwatered or has poor drainage.

Lawn Weed Broadleaf Plantain Lawn Weed Broadleaf Plantain

One thing to say in the plantains defence: it is a medicinal plant and has restorative properties. For years plantain leaves have been used in poultices to heal wounds or sores.  The leaf is a good anti-inflammatory.


Lawn Weeds – When are you likely to see it?

The emergence of broadleaf plaintain is a good indicator that the soil is compacted where it appears. You will see it especially where there has been a lot of traffic – very likely where you’ve been playing ball or there has been a lot of other activity in that part of your lawn.



Lawn Weeds – How you can get rid of the broadleaf plantain

The best way to remove the broadleaf is to pull it out by hand.  Where your lawn has a lot of them you can use a herbicide.  You can even put some grass seed in the area where you have pulled out. Because the soil is compacted you want to loosen it up with aeration.  So take a garden fork or a tine and spike the lawn. This will allow air and water to get down to the soil where your grass is growing.


Make dealing with your lawn weeds part of your lawn maintenance programme for this Autumn.


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