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Lawncare Tips

Lawncare Tips

Lawncare Tips – If you are fortunate enough to own your own house you will most likely have a lawn and if your reading this blog post you are looking online for some lawncare tips. Well, you’re on the track if you are on the website!!   Your won’t just get lawncare tips, but you can also buy our renowned lawncare treatment. Lets get into some lawncare tips that you can to implement right now.


Lawncare Tips 1 – Household Waste – Free Lawncare Compost


Using Household waste as compost – its only natural for a household to produce waste. Well, don’t be afraid to use it as a compost that we help your grass to stay healthy and grow. We will at a later date go through the types of household waste that is ideal material to nurture into lawn care compost.


Lawncare Tips 2 – Aeration


Every living organism required air in order to prosper, the organisms within the soil require plenty of air in order to survive and air pockets within the soil are a very important requirement for growth and lawn care in general. Aeration is the solution, an aeration machine or hand tool such as a spike aerator or a plug aerator. You might remember seeing groundsmen’s out with forks at half time around this time of year, it’s a similar principle!


See an example of an aeration product here.

Lawncare Tips Aeration
Lawncare Tips Aeration


Lawncare Tips 3 – Mowing your lawn and Looking after your mower!


If you want a greener, healthy looking lawn, taking a few simple steps regarding your mowing will certainly make a difference to your lawn and is an obvious lawn care initiate.


You will save on fuel costs and the environment (a little!) if you ensure your blades are sharp. Its better to mow your grass when there is rain in the short term forecast. Don’t cut your grass too short and try to cut your grass by one third of its length and no more that that.


If you would like to avail of a free lawn care evaluation, chick out our lawncare free evaluation page and one of our lawn care consultants will pay you a visit and put together a quotation to suit your budget and your lawn.