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Mossy Lawn – Recognise the 4 Early Warning Signs  

Mossy Lawn

Spring is here. St Patrick’s Day has welcomed green leprechaun hats, green shamrocks and, even, some sunshine. Everywhere is green except your mossy lawn.  So why do you have a mossy lawn and what can you do about it?


Take a look at these warning signs of mossy lawn and see which ones you recognise.



1. Yellow patches. Instead of gazing on a lush green lawn, all you see are the yellow patches of your mossy lawn They seem to be everywhere. That’s the moss.


2. Wet weather/ poor drainage. The winter rain has waterlogged the grass.  In fact, when you walk outside you need to pull on a pair of wellington boots.


3. No flowers. The purple and yellow crocuses you love to see in the spring haven’t come up this year.  That’s because the moss has clogged the soil and stopped those lovely perennial signs of spring from popping up on your lawn.


4. Scratchy/ patchy grass. The grass is struggling to grow because the soil is starved of nutrients. This may be exacerbated by close mowing.


What your mossy lawn means for your garden


What’s happening is the moss plant is blocking the growth of the healthy grass plant and flowers underneath.


Mossy Lawn
Mossy Lawn



Moss holds on to water like a sponge so your garden becomes poorly drained, lacks fertility and the soil becomes compacted.  The grass struggles to grow and dies, leaving you with poor grass growth in places and a mossy lawn.


All this means your lawn has ideal conditions for moss to grow. It could be the pH level of your soil, the heavy rain that hasn’t drained off, compacted soil with little aeration and low soil fertility. Remember moss can also grow in sunny spots.


Fixing your mossy lawn


To fix the problem you need to change the lawn conditions so your grass can grow.


Moss generally grows from September through to April though can grow at any time of the year. So the best times to tackle it are early Spring and Autumn.


At Greenfeet we evaluate your lawn to determine precisely the conditions creating the moss.


We put in place a moss control plan tailored to your specific lawn.  Once returned to a healthy condition we can provide a lawn maintenance plan to keep it looking well.  Call now 1890 252 778 for a free evaluation or fill in the free evalution form.  Get rid of your mossy lawn and return it to its rightful grassy self now.


Mossy Lawn
Mossy Lawn