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Mushrooms in your Lawn – How to Remove Mushrooms Off Your Lawn

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Mushrooms in your Lawn – are mushrooms a blot on your perfect lawn and ruining all your hard work? Are they poisonous ?  Here we answer those questions and advise how to get rid of those tawny fungi. Let’s start with what we’re dealing with.


Mushroom Lawn Infestation

Mushrooms grow in damp often shaded areas where there is organic waste. The mushroom is a fungus that holds millions of fruiting spores to support the life of the fungi. The spores are carried on the air and may end up on your lawn. You can get them even in summer when there is a lot of growth in the grass. After a spell of rain they may suddenly appear. If this is what has happened to you, then find you what you can do.



Mushrooms in your Lawn – When mushroom spores land on your lawn they can remain in the grass for some time just waiting for the conditions to go in their favour and then, BOOM!, the mushroom pops up. Just to mess up your pristine lawn.


Mushrooms in your Lawn – Recognise this?

Mushroom Lawn Infestation

Most of the time mushrooms won’t harm your lawn.  But the little mushrooms popping up can certainly take away from your lawn’s look. This is especially true if you like a very ordered  or ‘perfect’ looking garden and lawn.

Here is the look you are going for – the mushroom-free lawn.


Mushroom Infestation Perfect Lawn
Your perfect looking lawn


So how can you win your garden back?


Mushrooms in your Lawn – Condition for mushroom lawn infestation

  • If there is a little depression or lower area in the lawn where moisture gathers and stays longer, this can be a prime spot for mushrooms. You can find more about preventing waterlogging here.
  • Pet waste or doggy do do. I hope you are not eating your lunch while you read this, but if your dog is leaving deposits on your lawn that can really encourage the conditions for mushrooms to grow.


Mushrooms in your Lawn – are there any benefits?

Mushrooms do have some benefits. In fact, they are a secret part of your lawn care management. The mushroom’s root-like structures – called hyphae – spread as the fungus searches for nutrients. Together  these interconnected threads form the mycelium.  You can see this if you turn over the soil underneath. The mushroom ‘roots’ break down organic waste on your lawn, turning it into useful nutrients for plantlife in your garden. The mushroom also retains moisture in the soil through its root system



Mushrooms in your Lawn – Are mushrooms dangerous?

Most mushrooms popping up on your lawn in Ireland are edible. But do be careful in case you have a poisonous variety. Get an expert to confirm what they are. If in any doubt, do not eat. And do wash your hands after moving them. So now you know what they are, and their usefulness.  But what can you do about removing your lawn’s mushrooms?



Mushrooms in your Lawn: How to remove mushrooms from your lawn


What you can do to restore your lawn and recover from this mushroom lawn infestation? Well, the answer is simple. Change the conditions on your lawn will help reduce the chances of mushrooms appearing.

Mushroom Lawn Infestation

  • #1 Nip out the mushroom with your fingers. Don’t just take the head, be sure to remove the root as well.
  • #2 Rake the grass cuttings. De-thatching your lawn will reduce the places where the mushrooms will lurk.
  • #3 Reduce the shade by trimming back overhanging branches or shrubs if they are casting shade on your lawn.
  • #4  Pet poo –  restrict your cat’s or dog’s access to your lawn.
  • #5 Treat with a fungicide
  • #6 Dig it out.  If the mushrooms in your lawn are in a solid group – say a circle or semi-circle – then you will need to get it treated. It will likely mean digging out the soil with its extended mycelium.


Mushrooms in your Lawn – Your Next Move


As we’ve discovered then, mushrooms are the fruit of the fungus and house the spores which carry on the wind. The spores can take root at any time.


You need to remove grass cuttings, reduce shade, make sure there is no pet waste left on your lawn.

Mushrooms will disappear again when the soil dries up or the sun chases away the clouds. But persistent occurrence needs an intervention. You’ll be looking at fungicide or digging out the area infected.

Mushroom Lawn Infestation

Lawns watered, fertilised and maintained regularly tend to have fewer mushrooms outbreaks on the lawn.

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If you want to tackle this mushroom lawn infestation, then Greenfeet can help.


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Mushrooms in your Lawn