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Treating Moss on Your Lawn? Do You Know These Amazing Facts?

Treat Moss

If you are treating moss on your lawn, it helps to understand this amazing small flowerless green plant. Moss has no true roots, loves damp habitats and reproduces by means of spores released from stalked capsules, according to one dictionary definition.  And moss has its fans (even if you aren’t one of them!). The international bestselling author […]

Lawn Maintenance, Spring Lawn Care

5 Proven Ways to Prevent Moss on Your Lawn

Prevent Moss

To prevent moss on your lawn, the secret is to focus on the grass and not on the moss. Because when conditions are bad for moss, your grass will thrive. So, here are some ways you can prevent a mossy lawn. Put these tips into practice and watch your grass grow and your lawn improve.   […]

Lawn Maintenance, Spring Lawn Care

Mossy Lawn – Recognise the 4 Early Warning Signs  

Mossy Lawn

Spring is here. St Patrick’s Day has welcomed green leprechaun hats, green shamrocks and, even, some sunshine. Everywhere is green except your mossy lawn.  So why do you have a mossy lawn and what can you do about it?   Take a look at these warning signs of mossy lawn and see which ones you recognise.   […]

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Waterlogged Lawn

Waterlogged Lawn – It’s that time of year again, wind, cold and rain. You decide to take a tippy toe stroll on your lawn and you suddenly realise you may have a problem!! Yes, your shoes are soaked, and yes you have a waterlogged lawn!! What action should you take? Who can you turn to?!! […]

Lawn Maintenance

Waterlogged Grass

This blog post is a continuation of our previous blog post on waterlogged grass which focused on symptoms and the risks associated with ignoring waterlogged grass. In this blog post we will try and share our vast experience and provide a few tips that will help you manage and address waterlogged grass.   Waterlogged Grass […]

Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Treatment

Lawn Care Treatment

Winter Lawn Treatment – We are in the depths of winter at the moment and the weather of late only seems to be getting worse! Six storms have hit Ireland over the past number of months, Frank, Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Henry and Eva and just this weekend, Imogen.   How can we forget our […]

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Lawn Maintenance Mistake


Lawn Maintenance – Throughout Greenfeet’s ten year history we have seen it all, the good and the bad! So, let us share some of the lawn maintenance mistakes that we have witnessed throughout the years. They may help you avoid a similar mistake. Lawn Maintenance Mistake – Over fertilising       Too much of […]


Roll on Lawn Installation versus Grass Seed?

Roll on Lawn Installation

So, you’ve just completed your new house, the builders have all moved out and there is just one small project left to complete. The Garden, well, considering it a new house, you decide to just get the grass done and we can address the aesthetics at a later date. So, you ask, roll on lawn […]

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment – Consider the time of year, we thought our next blog post should look at the area of lawn treatment, in particular as we are only a few months from Spring – spring lawn treatment! We’ll try our best to offer some advice…..   Let’s address the lawn treatment basics, What Grass Length?….during […]

General Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care

Lawncare Tips – We are following up on our previous lawn care tips blog post with a few easy to implement lawncare tips that you can start to use today!   Lawncare Tips – Warning Signs – ‘Keep out of reach of Children’   Avoid using any lawn care products that carry warning signs such […]