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Some Latest Summer News from Greenfeet Lawncare…


Firstly, a great review from Robbie McCabe in Adree, Co. Louth for Tom and the Greenfeet team in Louth. Thanks Robbie. Covid Phase One – Reopening – 18th of May…Back to Work The Greenfeet teams have been flat out throughout the country catching up on work since the lockdown and even working full days on […]


Some Latest Greenfeet Lawncare Images throughout the Country…

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Some 5 STAR Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers throughout Ireland…


“An excellent professional service from a very pleasant Jimmy.Nothing is too much for him to do for you regarding your lawn!” Kathy Geelan O’Brien – Tramore, Co. Waterford “Can’t believe the difference in my little garden after only 2 visits from Greenfeet Lawncare! I was beginning to think that all I could grow was moss […]

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Our Lawncare Video Page Now Updated…

Greenfee Lawncare Videos

We have uploaded some great videos onto the Greenfeet website, we documented some of the below, but you can also see all our videos, here. Enjoy! Greenfeet Lawncare | What we are really about Greenfeet Lawncare | New GAA Pitch update Greenfeet Lawncare | New pitch installation | Real grass Lawn Care tips for Autumn […]

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Some very informative Robot Lawnmower Lawncare Videos from the Greenfeet Team…

Robot Lawnmowers in action

Greenfeet Lawncare | Husqvarna robots fixing elongated stems Greenfeet Lawncare | How to service a Husqvarna Automower Greenfeet Lawncare | Installing Husqvarna robot mower to deal with problem grass Automower, Robot Mower, keeping your lawn with a Husqvarna machine

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Greenfeet Lawn Care Videos

leaf blowing

Greenfeet are bringing their expertise to our very own YouTube channel so everyone can find out how to look after their lawn. Anthony has worked on some of the best Golf courses and now brings his secrets to the best lawns in Ireland and to you through our YouTube channel.   There’s loads of tips […]

Automowers, Husqvarna

Keep your lawn in an excellent shape with the Husqvarna Robotic Mower

Husqvarna Robotic Mower

Husqvarna Robotic Mower – Everybody loves a beautiful lawn, but no lawn looks great without a proper amount of work and effort invested into it. The grass on a lawn must be fed, watered, and cut periodically in order to grow even, strong, and beautiful. The lawn must be cut when it reaches a certain […]

Lawn Treatment

Learn How to Kill Moss in Lawn and Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn

How can I Kill Moss in my Lawn

How to Kill Moss in Lawn – A neat and elegant lawn is the dream of every homeowner. There’s something pleasant and relaxing to look outside the window or enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace while gazing at your green and neat-looking lawn. But, as you may have already found out, maintaining a […]


Gardens to Visit in Ireland – Must See….

Victoria’s Way, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow



Some Photos from our recent Drought….June/July 2018 in Ireland

Temperatures are set to break records next week.