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Lawn Care Tips – Root Out Those Weeds

Lawn care tips

We’re going to focus here on lawn care tips like scarification and herbicides to get rid of those annoying weeds that are infesting your lovely lawn.   Lawn Care Tips – Weeds   Lawn Care Tips 1 – Thin out the weeds – To thin out the weeds, you may get away with raking the […]

General Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance

Lawncare Ireland – How We Came to Love Our Lawns

Lawncare Ireland

Lawncare Ireland – How We Came to Love Our Lawns – Here in Ireland we are blessed with great rain and enjoy some of the best grass in the world. Not the smoking variety, of course, but the emerald green grass you see from the air.   Where did our love affair of lawncare Ireland come […]

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Grass Maintenance Quiz – Which Personality Are You?


It’s a myth that if you’re organised in one field, you’re organised in another. Take grass maintenance. You may be super-organised in the office, manage your finances, or make critical life plans – new house, retirement – like a champion. But the grass? Well, not so much. Which of our five grass maintenance personalities are you? […]

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care Services: Top Questions To Ask When Hiring A Lawn Care Service

Lawn Service

Lawn Care Services – Get the lawn care service you expect by asking the right questions when choosing a lawncare specialist. To get the relationship off to a good start you need to have a clear understanding of what you want and what the lawn service provider will deliver. That way you will be more […]

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Are You Ready for Lawn Moss Removal?

Lawn Moss Removal

You’ve had enough of the moss in your grass and are now ready to remove moss once and for all.  We’ve talked about preventing moss, now we need to look at lawn moss removal.  How do you get rid of moss when it is already in your lawn? Instead of unsightly yellow patches, you want to return […]

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Treating Moss on Your Lawn? Do You Know These Amazing Facts?

Treat Moss

If you are treating moss on your lawn, it helps to understand this amazing small flowerless green plant. Moss has no true roots, loves damp habitats and reproduces by means of spores released from stalked capsules, according to one dictionary definition.  And moss has its fans (even if you aren’t one of them!). The international bestselling author […]

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5 Proven Ways to Prevent Moss on Your Lawn

Prevent Moss

To prevent moss on your lawn, the secret is to focus on the grass and not on the moss. Because when conditions are bad for moss, your grass will thrive. So, here are some ways you can prevent a mossy lawn. Put these tips into practice and watch your grass grow and your lawn improve.   […]

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Mossy Lawn – Recognise the 4 Early Warning Signs  

Mossy Lawn

Spring is here. St Patrick’s Day has welcomed green leprechaun hats, green shamrocks and, even, some sunshine. Everywhere is green except your mossy lawn.  So why do you have a mossy lawn and what can you do about it?   Take a look at these warning signs of mossy lawn and see which ones you recognise.   […]

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Waterlogged Lawn

Waterlogged Lawn – It’s that time of year again, wind, cold and rain. You decide to take a tippy toe stroll on your lawn and you suddenly realise you may have a problem!! Yes, your shoes are soaked, and yes you have a waterlogged lawn!! What action should you take? Who can you turn to?!! […]

Lawn Maintenance

Waterlogged Grass

This blog post is a continuation of our previous blog post on waterlogged grass which focused on symptoms and the risks associated with ignoring waterlogged grass. In this blog post we will try and share our vast experience and provide a few tips that will help you manage and address waterlogged grass.   Waterlogged Grass […]