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5 Proven Ways to Prevent Moss on Your Lawn

Prevent Moss

To prevent moss on your lawn, the secret is to focus on the grass and not on the moss. Because when conditions are bad for moss, your grass will thrive.
So, here are some ways you can prevent a mossy lawn. Put these tips into practice and watch your grass grow and your lawn improve.



Those 5 proven ways to prevent moss on your lawn:


1. Reduce the Shade – Prevent Moss
Evaluate your garden. Where is it most shady? Are there overgrown hedges or planting that you could cut back? Then do so.   This is because moss thrives in the shade. The more sun that gets through to your lawn the happier your lawn will be. Consider trimming some overhanging branches from trees. When you can’t cut back you could put down some plants that enjoy the shade. This will help to stop the moss from taking hold.  You can get more shade reduction tips here


2. Don’t cut your Lawn too Short – Prevent Moss
Are you one of those people who gets their hair cut a little shorter so the cut lasts longer?
Well don’t try that technique with your lawn. It doesn’t like it. Cut grass height to between 1.5 to 2 inches with a standard rotary mower for the Summer months. experts can also advise you.


3. Aerate that Lawn – Prevent Moss
Spike the lawn with a garden fork or use a larger tool if you have a bigger lawn. When your lawn is compacted it means air, water and fertilizer aren’t able to get through to the grass roots. It’s a good idea to aerate at the start and end of the grass growing season. Good aeration will help your lawn to breathe and let all the good stuff in. Yet another way to prevent moss.


4. Fertilise your Lawn – Prevent Moss
When the soil is fertile, plants and grass are able to grow. When fertility is poor, moss can creep in. To keep your lawn in good condition it’s best to fertilise four times a year: early Spring, late Spring, the middle of Summer and in the Autumn.If you’re not sure which fertiliser will work best for your lawn, talk to your local garden centre or ask our experts.


5. Seed Rough Patches – Prevent Moss
Whether laying a new lawn or treating an existing lawn in a shady area, the Royal Horticultural Society recommends using grass seed mix or turf specified for shady areas.

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Prevent Moss
Prevent Moss