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Summer Grass Disease – Tackling Red Thread

Summer Grass Disease Red Thread

Red Thread – Your lawn can be prone to a number of summer grass disease. Red thread is a fungal disease due to mycelium activity. During the humid summer weather is when your lawn is most likely to be infested by red thread. It is particularly prevalent in early and late summer when the grass is more dewey.


Summer Grass Disease – Red Thread


Red thread is often mistaken for a common dry patch caused by drought.

You’re thinking: ‘it’s summer, it’s hot, the grass must be drying out. I’ll just spray a bit of water on and it will be grand.’

But look closely and you will see there is more than that going on.


The grass first takes on a pinkish tinge.    Red thin strands called stromata start to extend from the grass leaf. And these red shoots create stomata – little red hairs produced on the leaf.


Summer Grass Disease Red Thread Greenfeet
Red thread is a fungal disease commonly seen in the summer months


These red threads start to bind together and the pinkness gives way to a whitish colour. The grass looks like it’s bleached. If you think in terms of summer salads, your lawn starts to look like white cabbage coleslaw instead of strong green savoy cabbage colour. Basically the grass looks dead.


Weak grass and badly cut grass leaves your lawn more vulnerable to red thread disease. Using a blunt blade on your mower will split the leaf. Instead be sure to use a sharp blade which will make a clean cut.  You should regularly check your mower anyway but it might be time to consider upgrading to an automower.


Summer Grass Disease – How do you tackle the unsightly red thread?

The good news is that red thread is not permanent. By and large the fungal infection only affects the leaf and does not tackle the roots. It can be sprayed with a nitrogen fertiliser. The fertiliser will begin to show results after a week to 10 days and the improvement should last up to 4-5 weeks.


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Red Thread