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High quality Husqvarna Robot Automowers available at Greenfeet Dublin!

robot lawn mower

For that perfectly manicured emerald lawn that will be the pride of your home, it is important to have the gadget. Often, in a hurry, it’s easy to ignore the one thing that will maintain the health of your grass and care for it – the lawn mower. Greenfeet Lawn Care Dublin understands the importance of a great machine and offers a range of Husqvarna Automowers, or the robot lawn mower.

We understand how time consuming lawn care and gardening can be and our product will change your life for the better.

Husqvarna Robot Automowers a market leader

This may seem like a boast but Greenfeet Dublin is proud of its fleet. The Husqvarna Automowers are low-maintenance and pocket-friendly with monthly operational costs being as low as €1.

This is possible in part because of its great recharging capabilities. The Robot Lawn Mower automatically locates its charging station, taking about an hour to power up. And you don’t even need to worry about its set up. Once the Greenfeet team is done with the installation, you will wonder why you hadn’t called us before.

Lawn care is easy with the Robot Lawn Mower

We have all felt the exhaustion of looking after our gardens, hoping that our dream lawn wouldn’t take up so much time and energy. Well, now with Husqvarna Automowers, gardening is easy and less of a bore. It has unique cutting technique in 360 different directions.

The mower moves smoothly in every direction so bye-bye ‘grass lines’. If this isn’t impressive enough, we guarantee that you will not have to bother with clean-up, thanks to razor sharp blades. The mowed grass clippings will be too fine for you to even notice.

Unparalleled security for the owner

The Husqvarna Automowers is designed to be effective anywhere, anytime. Here are some incredible factors about the automower…

  • it can avoid bumping into objects in the garden because of its motion sensor.
  • the mower can back up and go in a new direction if it bumps into objects.
  •  Its blades will stop running the moment the mower is picked up.
  • You can also set a unique 4-digit pin as a security measure, as well as locate the mower through a SIM-trace (optional).

The Greenfeet team delivers professionalism…

The best part about the Robot Lawn Mower is the simple installation. In fact you don’t have to worry about it at all because the team at Greenfeet takes care of everything. All you have to do is call our number and our experts will first visit your home to assess the lawn in order to opt for the right mower.

Our professionals offer installations at very competitive rates and have it all ready within an hour. Why not read more about us in this link so you can be guaranteed to receive all the information you need!.

Learn more about our team!

Greenfeet Dublin take pride in our team and our products, we are very hard working and work with lawn care service all year round. We also have a presence in over 10 counties throughout Ireland, check this link to see are we representative in your local area.

Another reason to choose greenfeet is because of our amazing hard working Tom Doran. Tom is Our Greenfeet Dublin lawn care specialist. Tom has worked as a greenkeeper for 13 years and a graduate from the National Collage of Amenity Horticulture in the Botanic Gardens. In 2011 he started his Greenfeet Lawncare Franchise. Toms green keeping training and experience allows us to provide a great service to our customers and their lawns, from Meath, North Dublin and many more areas.

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