Top quality roll out grass available from Greenfeet Dublin!!

Roll out grass dublin

Ever looked out of window and thought that your brown garden floor is more brownish than green and beyond redemption? The very thought of a new lawn can give you stress and sleepless nights but not necessarily.

Greenfeet is the top provider of quality turf in Dublin so that you can be the proud owner of a lush, green lawn that can rival a golf-course. We guarantee you supreme quality of roll out grass that is most durable and weed resistant in all of Ireland. We know the importance of quality green and lawn care.

Greenfeet Dublin roll out lawn

The secret ingredient in Greenfeet turfs

More than a job, this is our passion and you will find our team experts on all matters related to lawn maintenance, including sod and turf options. We provide two ranges:

  • Premium Fescue Rye Sod/Grass which is ideal for inland golf courses as well as for clients on a budget who want a great lawn of clean pedigree and tough, disease resistant grass.
  • For the Platinum Range we offer 100% Fescue Grass which is the finest quality available and of supreme quality.
  • Can be used for link golf courses, this also brings a touch of plush royalty the green lawn.
  • This will require more maintenance than the other variety.

Our experts at Greenfeet studied the genesis of grass, reasons behind weeds and disease and soil elements to finally build a product that our clients can be proud of.

This is why we provide sods nurtured from the highest quality of seeds – a determining factor which makes our turf less prone to weed infestation than the generic variety available commonly.

Greenfeet builds its turf with care

From choosing the right type of soil to quality seeds, Greenfield is dedicated in its work to build top quality roll out grass lawns. This dedication has helped it establish its name within the industry.

If you have been to the enigmatic Co. Laois in the heart of the Irish midlands you will know why we chose this place to create our sod farm. This is where we grow the sod, nurturing every day, tracking its health and growth until it matures into lush, green, beautiful grass.

Greenfeet Dublin roll out lawn

Healthy lawn equals happy customers

Whether you want a new lawn, or renovate a dry one, or if it’s a sports field, including golf courses, we at Greenfield are professionals in all matters of turf and roll out grass. Greenfeet Lawn Care service will also continue looking after your gorgeous green.

So want a happy healthy lawn why not contact us for a free consulation you wont regret it!.

Call us on: 1890 252 778

Email: info@greenfeet.ie