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Summer Lawn Fertiliser: What You Need to Know

Summer Grass Fertiliser

Summer Lawn Fertiliser – Should you be feeding your lawn during the summer? And if so what fertiliser does it actually need?  There are two main options for Summer grass fertiliser – the quick release fertiliser and the slow release.  We look at the differences between these fertilisers and explain why slow release is better for your lawn.



Summer Lawn Fertiliser – Quick Release Summer Lawn Fertiliser

The quick release fertiliser gives you instant results.  When applied to lawn grass shoots are stimulated, BUT they can end up pushing and forcing the lawn which is not good for your grass.


The quick release is more geared towards farmers trying to grow silage where they need a good grass yield. The quick release would also have a high scorch potential when applied during the summer months.


The fertiliser only lasts a few weeks before being washed away.


By its nature, the quick release focuses on ‘above the ground results’ – the topical growth . In fact with all those quick green shoots you’d have a lot of mowing to do!


And this growth activity above ground  is at the expense of the ‘below the ground’ activity giving you weaker and shallower roots beneath the soil.


The ‘lazy root’ growth means your plant may look like it is thriving above ground but really there is little to sustain the plant long term.  And, as you know, a good healthy grass plant needs good roots.


Slow Release Summer Lawn Fertiliser

The other option for your lawn is a slow release fertiliser.  Greenfeet has created its own slow release fertiliser NPK and there are others out there.

Summer Grass Fertiliser


The Greenfeet slow release is made up of resin coated prills. These ‘prills’ are like little pellets and are spread on your lawn. These ‘prills’ slowly release nitrogen (N), phosphorous (Ph) potassium (K) into the soil.


The ‘prills’ use the moisture and temperature in the soil to act as the release mechanism of the fertiliser pellets.  The slow release encourages tillers – the multiple grass shoots – in the grass leaf. The more tillers a grass leaf has, the denser the crown.


The Greenfeet slow release fertiliser treatment can last up to 4 to 6 months. And it has a low scorch potential because of the slow release.



Summer Lawn Fertiliser – Benefits of Slow Release Summer Lawn Fertiliser


For starters, slow release gives you better root growth.

Summer Grass Fertiliser

The fertiliser also works for longer – 4 to 6 months – reducing the need to constantly replace it.


Finally, slow release fertilisers less likely to burn your lawn as they reduce nutrients slowly moderated by the temperature and moisture in the soil, while fast fertilisers draw on the plant’s own moisture to operate which can lead to drying the grass plant out.



Summer Lawn Fertiliser – When to Use Summer Grass Fertiliser

Some of the best times to fertilise your lawn are late summer and early September when your lawn may have thinned out through slow growth, higher temperatures and summer activities on the grass. However, you can gently fertilise throughout the summer.

Summer Grass Fertiliser


If you like to get stuck in and want to apply the summer lawn fertiliser yourself, check out the Greenfeet DIY lawncare pack here. The pack gives you everything you need for your summer grass.  But if you prefer, Greenfeet can deliver a bespoke treatment for you that brings your summer lawn up to its full glory.  However you want to refresh your summer lawn, Greenfeet can help.


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Summer Lawn Fertiliser