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Cutting your Grass in the Rain….Yes!! It is now possible….

Robotic Mowers in Limerick

As you are probable aware, we are a registered installer and seller of Husqvarna Automowers throughout Ireland.  You may have seen this video with Anthony setting up and installing a 450X Automowers…. Now, the benefits of the Automowers are vast, but one great benefit is profiled here by our very own Eoin!! Cutting your Grass […]

Lawn Maintenance

The Benefits of an Automatic Lawn Mower – The Benefits – No More Mowing Between Showers

Robot Mower Benefits

Automatic Lawn Mower – There are plenty of automatic lawn mower benefits. But it’s worth having a look at the problems you face when using the old fashioned mowing devices. Yes. They have served you well. You might even be a bit fond of your old mower. But you can’t argue with the facts. Automatic […]