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Lawn Feed – Types of Lawn Feed and your options

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Lawn Feed – Just like humans require food, water and shelter to live, lawns depend on some specific elements to survive. Most of these elements naturally exist in the environment, but many others need to be added to the lawn. Adding fertilizer that contains these three elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will do the job […]

Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Alarm Call – Take Action Now

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This is your Winter lawn alarm call to get your garden in shape for winter! If you’ve missed the Autumn spruce up and maintenance of your lawn, now is the time to take action. As the cold spells comes on, days shorten and Winter enfolds the country here are some actions you can take now.   […]

Lawn Treatment

Autumn Lawn Feed: When and How to Use It

Autumn Lawn Feed

Autumn lawn feed, now is the time.  As summer closes in, you want to prepare your lawn for winter. You can see the wear and tear on the grass. Patches may have appeared. It’s all looking a bit worn.  There are different lawn fertilisers  you can choose as we’ve discussed before.  So what should you […]