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When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland

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When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland – If you want your lawn to be lush and have a brilliant green color, considering that the climate in Ireland is rather wet, you need to be careful about its fertilization. Every living organism, including grass, needs nutrients in order to grow healthy. In Ireland, where the weather involves an awful lot of rainfall throughout the year, nutrients leak or get washed out of the topsoil in a relatively short period. Thus, if you don’t fertilize your lawn periodically, the lack of nutrients or insufficient nutrient levels will lead to grass that won’t develop as it should and a lawn that won’t look that great either.


When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland – Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an important nutrient that leads to the development of beautiful and healthy grass, so you need to look for fertilizers that have nitrogen in their composition. Also, it is worth remembering that the best period for applying the fertilizers is in the growing season of the grass. This is when you need to apply fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the weather, aiding the grass to grow strong and thick. If you apply fertilizer toward the end of the autumn or in winter, even if the rich soil will allow the grass to grow vigorously, its leaves can be easily destroyed by frost.


When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland – The time of year

If you are wondering when to fertilize lawn in Ireland, once spring arrives and you notice the first signs of growth in your lawn you should know that it is time to apply the much-needed fertilizers. This will allow the grass to start growing strong right at the start of the season, winning the competition with the weeds that will be underdeveloped in early spring. You won’t have a hard time finding proper fertilizers for your lawn for the spring and summer season, as they are available at any garden shop or center. But, before using the fertilizer you purchased, always check the label of the product and follow the instructions written there. The last feed applied to your lawn should be at the end of August. There are also special feeds for the autumn and winter seasons, which are recommended if you want to maintain a healthy-looking lawn throughout the year.


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When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland
When to Fertilize the Lawn in Ireland