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Winter Lawn Alarm Call – Take Action Now

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This is your Winter lawn alarm call to get your garden in shape for winter!

If you’ve missed the Autumn spruce up and maintenance of your lawn, now is the time to take action. As the cold spells comes on, days shorten and Winter enfolds the country here are some actions you can take now.


Winter Lawn Mowing

Make sure your grass is cut lower.  You’ve most likely gradually been lowering the blade for your lawn from Autumn onwards.   This gradual approach takes the shock out of a big cut.  If not then take care to cut your grass shorter now for winter.  Remember, no mowing on a frosty lawn or if frost is imminent!



Winter Lawn Fertiliser

Before the hardening frost comes on, aerate your lawn. Green feet has its own Winter Lawn fertiliser.  The nutrients are absorbed through the short grass and then slowly released into your lawn over the winter.


Winter Lawn




Winter Lawn  Clear the leaves

When the rain breaks and you’ve a dry spell, clear the leaves from your lawn.  Don’t leave a pile up of damp leaves. They can act as a breeding ground for pests or as a natural home for moss to take hold.



Winter Lawn  – Remove stuff off your lawn

Remove equipment or garden furniture from your lawn. The weight will sink into the lawn, damaging your grass.


Stay off your lawn. Don’t trudge across the lawn to take a short cut.  It may not be noticeable now but you’ll be laying down a track which will be pretty obvious to you come Spring. When the grass growth returns next season your lawn will have a track of reluctant growth.


Is your lawn next to a driveway?  Don’t allow family or visitors to park on your grass if you’re planning a party.  Again the evidence will be there for all to see come Spring when your grass is worn and damaged.


Winter Lawn – Get your lawn assessed

As the full range of inclement weather – rain, sleet, frost even snow –  visits your lawn over the next weeks, you’ll spend less time with your lawn.  Use that time well. Plan ahead for spring and get a free evaluation from Greenfeet. You can also ask about robot mowers and discover how they can help you keep on top of the lawn mowing even in challenging weather.



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You’ve heard your winter lawn alarm call, now take action!


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