Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Treatment

Lawn Care Treatment

Winter Lawn TreatmentWe are in the depths of winter at the moment and the weather of late only seems to be getting worse! Six storms have hit Ireland over the past number of months, Frank, Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Henry and Eva and just this weekend, Imogen.


How can we forget our very own national treasure, Teresa Mannion!! CNN even picked up the story and our recent weather!!!




Winter Lawn Treatment – The Greenfeet Tips

So, what can you do to maintain your lawn throughout our Irish winter? Here are two simple tips that you can utilise throughout the winter, fertilizer (compose and organic fertiliser) and patching up some bare spots.


Winter Lawn Treatment – Patching up some bare spots

Rake out the dead grass and loosen out the soil. Then bring in some compost or top soil, about an inch or two should be fine. Rake it so it smooth and bat it down a little. Add some seed and cover it a little with some hay or straw.


Winter is also a great time to fertilise an existing lawn. Purchase an organic fertiliser, a slow releasing fertiliser which will slowly release the nutrients into your lawn. A slow releasing organic fertiliser avoids a sharp burst of lawn growth and the last thing you want to do is over fertilise.


Top dressing with compost as a natural fertiliser. Compost naturally feeds the lawn, the grass roots and create a better soil structure. And as we discussed in our previous blog posts a healthier lawn is less likely to have weeds, insects and diseases. So, apply a half inch thick layer of compost to your lawn, rake it in and come the Autumn you will see some great results and a great lawn your neighbours will be envious of!!!



Other Winter Lawn Care Treatment Tips – A Few Obvious Tips

Avoid walking on your lawn through the winter months. Keep your walkways clear which will encourage people to use the walkway rather than your lawn! Don’t let anybody park on your lawn! Rake away any dead leaves and keep your lawn free of any debris.


If you have any questions, asks the experts at Greenfeet Lawn Care, collectively as a team we have almost 100 years of experience. Again if you would like to avail of a free lawn care evaluation, check out our lawn care free evaluation page and one of our lawn care consultants will pay you a visit and put together a quotation to suit your budget and your lawn.


Lawn Care Treatment
Lawn Care Treatment