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Greenfeet - Limerick Lawn Care Specialist - Denis Quinlan

Denis comes to Greenfeet from a background of Agriculture, having studyed at Rockwell Agricultural College and professionally practised farm management in some of Ireland’s largest and most modern farms.

Denis Quinlan Greenfeet Lawncare

Working across the country has taken Denis away from Limerick but with Greenfeet he can work in his home county. Denis brings his broad farmland experience to Greenfeet Limerick with a new range of services to suit local Limerick lawns. If you need scarifying, feeds, moss control or a Husqvarna Automower installed Denis can help you figure out what you need and work with you throughout the year.

"I love showing people that their lawns can be a part of the garden to be proud of. There’s a wonderful feeling when a lawn comes to life and with Greenfeet we can turn any lawn into a thing of beauty."

The autumn feed is the time to get started and Denis is already out keeping that moss at bay with Greenfeet’s feed that’s been specially developed for Irish lawns and more importantly, our wet climate. Limerick suffers from a particularly damp environment and that can turn into very difficult problems with grass and moss.

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