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Lawn Services - All Year Round Lawn Care Service

If you love your lawn and enjoy the pleasure it gives you no matter the season, then you’ll be interested by our All Year Round Lawn Care Service. If you want to keep your lawn in tip-top condition throughout the year, without having to battle with problems on your own, you’re in the right place.

We’ll analyse your particular lawn’s needs and we’ll establish the best treatments for your lawn’s unique problems or situation.

All Year Round Lawn Care Service

Here are the lawn services you’ll get on a season-by-season basis:

Lawn Services

Spring - A great time of year to get your lawn in gear: treat moss, encourage grass plant growth and tackle weeds

Summer - With active Summer growth you’ll want to keep the weeds at bay or to rejuvenate a lawn tired from neglect, shade or other factors.

Autumn - Get rid of any moss problems, green up the lawn and get it Winter ready.

Winter - ensure your grass is fed and strengthened, and any stubborn moss is tackled leaving your lawn ready for Spring.

With our All Year Round Lawn Care option, within our standard package you get four visits a year and six treatments to keep your lawn looking great.

Additional Lawn Services

  • Aeration - treatment improves drainage, reduces thatch and increases air and moisture to the plant
  • Moss eradication treatment - intensive programme from dethatching, moss killing to reviving grass growth
  • Grooming services - focusses on new growth and encourages upward sward growth
  • Top dressing sand - helping to dilute thatch and improve drainage

For any Lawn Services contact the Greenfeet experts today by email or give us a call using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778 if you have any queries regarding our lawn services. We’re here and waiting to get and keep your lawn looking great.