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Greenfeet - Moss Infected Lawn

The Irish climate is very conducive to the growth of moss. Moss loves shade and damp soils. And interestingly moss has no roots. It’s spread by spores and is often made worse by poor mowing practices. There are many different varieties of moss that grow in Ireland but there are two main types found in lawns.

If your lawn has been overtaken by moss, you’ll know only too well how frustrating this can be.


In order to control moss in lawn it is important to have a well-structured plan.

At Greenfeet we always start by surveying your lawn to assess the amount, the depth and the types of moss in your lawn. Once this has been completed we then devise a specific plan to return your lawn to good health.

Moss in Lawn Control Plan

A typical plan would start by applying a heavy moss control product.

We leave this work for about 2 to 3 weeks to start shrinking and drying up the moss.

After this we then return to scarify the lawn.

We use professional-grade scarifiers with tungsten tip steel blades.

This ensures we are able to get through the toughest of lawns easily.

Normally scarifying will remove up to 70% of moss from a lawn. This material is then removed off the lawn and left ready for collection. Any bare areas are then seeded and a specialty fertilizer is applied to speed up the recovery process.

The recovery period for each lawn is different. Good recovery will depend on your soil type, grass species, weather and the micro climate of your lawn. Typically after about six to eight weeks you will start to see your lawn turning the corner.

The priority at this stage is to get the lawn thick and healthy before the winter months.

This is achieved by applying our custom-made feeds and treatments.

Moss can spread at any time of year particularly in damp conditions but in Ireland generally from September through to April.

A common mistake is to apply no treatments or the wrong treatments to your lawn over these winter months.

At Greenfeet we use a 2 in 1 winter feed/moss control product that works as a slow release preventative throughout the winter months. This works to keep your moss under control until fresh grass growth arrives the following spring.

Once your moss is under control and your lawn is back in a healthy condition we can help you to keep it looking good with one of our maintenance plans. A serviced lawn maintenance plan or DIY lawn maintenance plan are among the choices for you to avoid a moss in lawn problem.

If you happen to have moss in your lawn, contact us now by email or give us a ring using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778. We’re here and waiting to get and keep your lawn looking great.