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Greenfeet - Lawn Care Reviews and Our Testimonials

Excellent cost effective service. I discovered GreenFeet Lawncare 5 years ago. Since then we have never looked back. No more patchy lawn, no more costly heavy bags of weed and feed. I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant service.
Dawn Shine - Dublin - January 2016

We have signed up for annual lawncare for several years now and are very happy with the result. Our lawn is rich and green, weed,clover and moss free and is regularly admired. We ourselves do nothing more than cut the grass and take the compliments. We once had an amazing invasion of 'leatherjackets'. We called Greenfeet as soon as we noticed this and they immediately and efficiently dealt with the problem.
Ann and Des Martindale 03-30-2015

Hi Anthony I could not do without your care of my grass, everybody comments on 'how green my grass is' that is all down to your team. Many thanks. See you soon.
Susan Galbraith 03-20-2015

Lawn care and lawn mower instillation, very good work carried out and would recommend Green feet to others.
Arthur Goonan 03-19-2015

Greenfeet provide a quality professional service. From the moment I first contacted them, it has always been about how to achieve the best outcome for me. I would recommend them to anyone.
Conor Stephens 03-18-2015

Great service, I tell everyone about it!
Tony Carey 03-16-14

Content Of Review: Excellent service. No fuss or bother - guys just come and go. Grass looks great - better than it ever was. No weeds and brilliant green. Thanks.
Pat Clarke 03-10-14

Great service over the past few years. Our back garden is NE facing and was full of weeds and moss, before Greenfeet transformed it into a lush green sward. They have maintained it every year since. All natural products, so good for me and the environment.
Cyril fox 03-06-1

They were always on time and went out of there way to keep you and your garden in tip top condition.
Karl Ganter 03-05-14

Greenfeet are totally reliable, knowledgable and out lawn never looked half as good as it does after 3 years with Greenfeet looking after it.
Killian Byrne 03-01-14

I have found the team at Greenfeet to be friendly, knowledgable and flexible. Neighbours & visitors remark on the quality of my lawn which is always in top condition, regardless of the season or weather.
Grainne Muldoon 02-27-14

Greenfeet have really improved the condition of my lawn
Michael Brennan 02-22-14

Greenfeet have been working on my lawn for 3 years now and the difference in undeniable. From a dreary yellow lawn to now a green luscious lawn now. why not try them and see the results for yourself.
Joe Carroll 02-21-14

My garden has been completely transformed by a Dermot and the crew and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone.
Niall Carroll 02-21-14

Diarmuid has been looking after my lawn for the past two years. Parts of the lawn was very bad with moss which Diarmuid has very successfully removed and now the lawn is looking really healthy. Diarmuid is always very punctal always keeps me up to date with the different feeds and really knows what he is talking about. Thanks a million Diarmuid for all your hard work."
Maria Conroy 03-21-14

Have a beautiful green lawn now with no moss. The grass is a lovely green with a thick and healthy growth. Would never achieved this result without Greenfeet. Highly recommended this process at a very reasonable rate/cost for and excellent service.
Alexandra Blair 02-19-14

Excellent, my friends often ask me how I keep my grass in such good condition !
Janet Foley 02-19-14

Amazing difference to our lawn would highly recommend Greenfeet for reliability, professionalism and transformation of our lawn.
Chris Craig 02-19-14

Since using Greenfeet I have noticed a great improvement in the condition of the lawn which was in a very sad state beforehand. I can highly recommend Greenfeet's services.
Anne Larkin 02-19-14

Excellent service and results.
B Greene 02-19-14

Greenfeet first came to my home about three years ago and have transformed my lawn. It was very bad before they first treated it and a result was visible very soon. I can honestly say I don't have weeds anymore. The staff are very courteous and I can highly recommend Greenfeet.
Niamh Cochran 02-18-14

I have found that without the help of Greenfeet my lawn would be in a much poorer state after the wear and tear caused by football and the dog!
Desna Campbell 02-18-14

Pleased with the condition and appearance of my lawn with vigorous growth.very satisfying.
Dermot Burns 02-18-14

Discovering Greenfeet was a godsend. No more weeds or uneven lawn just beautiful green grass! The staff are friendly reliable and courteous. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a beautiful weed- free lawn.
Martin Henihan 02-18-14

Diarmuid has been looking after my lawn for the last 3 years which was no easy task, my lasdscape gardener told me I would never get rid of my "Baby Tears" which had taken over 2/3rds of the grassed area. Well Diarmuid worked repeatedly and irradicated the problem. Now I have a beautiful lawn. I would highly recommend Diarmuid to everyone.
Christine Keating Bray

I first got Diarmuid in to look at my parents rear lawn as it was neglected and in need of attention. Within a couple of weeks of the first treatment there was a noticeable difference in which after one cut the lawn was luscious green and looked artificial from a distance. Family friends often remark on how well the lawn looks, and I have recommended Greenfeet's services to them. As a gardener myself I have recommended Diarmuid to many of my own clients.
Pauline McBride Blackrock