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Robot Lawn Mower - Greenfeet Lawn Care

At Greenfeet Lawn Care we offer a range of Husqvarna Automowers (some people refer to them as a robot lawn mower!), that will suit all budgets and manage all shapes and sizes of lawns.

The Advantages of a Robot Lawn Mower are:

  • Running costs as little as €1 per month
  • Beautiful tillering grass finish
  • Gardening less of a chore
  • Unique cutting techniques (360 different dimensions)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Weather will not affect mowing
  • No waste grass clippings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy set-up of your Robot Lawn Mower

Call Greenfeet. It's easy to get started and we'll have you up and mowing in no time. We will:

  • Assess your lawn site
  • Select the right automower for your lawn
  • Provide a competitive installation carried out by professionals
  • Offer yearly service at competitive prices
  • Have you up and running within a few hours


  • Unique 4 digit pin for each customer (set at customer discretion)
  • Sim device that can trace robot lawn mowers anywhere up to 8 inches worldwide (optional)

Avoiding collisions

  • The robot lawn mower is fitted with sensors so it avoids collision with objects in the garden.
  • When it runs into an object, it reverses and chooses a new direction
  • If it is lifted, the blade and mower will stop immediately

Navigation of Robot Lawn Mower

As part of your set up, Greenfeet maps out the site and the area where you want the automower to cut.

  • Stakes out a boundary wire to guide the robot lawn. This wire will sink into the lawn within a few weeks
  • The mower works within the boundary wire area only
  • The charging station transmits a signal to the wire so the robot mower knows where to cut and will be guided back to the charging station


The automower easily recharges.

  • The robot mower has its own charging station which it finds automatically
  • Recharging takes approximately 60 minutes
  • The mower then resumes mowing

Smooth Finish

  • Multi-directional movement. As there is no set direction the mower gives a smooth finish and avoids 'grass lines'
  • Razor sharp blades mow grass finely and efficiently so there’s no mown grass to clear up

We offer a no obligations free lawn care assessment. We will assess your site and match the right automower or robot lawn mower for your lawn. So, if you are considering a robot lawn mower, contact the experts now by email or give us a ring using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778.

Robot Lawn Mower